Announcing Tezos Capstone

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Tezos Commons is excited to announce the next step in meeting the Tezos Foundation’s goal of training 1,000 Tezos developers in 2019. Tezos Capstone: a free, self-paced training program that will provide a foundation in blockchain, OCaml, and dApp development, and will culminate in participants delivering a capstone project upon completion.

Tezos Capstone is available to start today at

Successful participants in Tezos Capstone will be invited to attend the Tezos Global Hack-a-thon, organized by Tezos Commons and in co-ordination with TQ, and will be held in conjunction with the first global Tezos conference, TQuorum, being planned for September 2019 in New York City.

The top 10 Capstone projects presented by the end of May 2019 (as judged by a panel of blockchain experts) will receive travel stipends and free tickets for the hack-a-thon and TQuorum.

A Three Step Journey to OCaml Competency

The Tezos Capstone curriculum is self-paced, and divided into three modules. Module 1 introduces the basics of blockchain and of Tezos. Module 2 covers blockchain development and Tezos dApp strategies. Module 3 guides in the coding of your own dApp on the Tezos blockchain.

The first two modules are anticipated to take between 5 and 30 hours each, and the 3rd module will depend on the project you select and your previous CS experience. Module 1 is currently released, Module 2 will be released in mid-February and Module 3 will be released in the middle of March. We recommend that you allocated 5 hours per week to making progress through the program.

Support and Community along the way

Tezos Commons is working closely with ZS Blockchain to ensure both Capstone and the Global Hack-a-thon provide the best experience possible to our community. We will be on staff to provide technical support for questions about Tezos and blockchain development, as well as to provide teaching assistance for your program questions. We will be ready to brainstorm ideas with you, and will help as matchmakers between devs who want to partner up on dApp ideas. You can reach out to the ZS Blockchain directly regarding Capstone by emailing them at

Join us in NYC in September

The first cohort of Tezos Capstone culminates in a live, multi-day hack-a-thon in New York City in September. We are building out infrastructure to host an army of developers, and the top teams from the Capstone cohort will receive travel and attendance vouchers. The top 3 teams will earn all-expense paid trips to the hack-a-thon and global user conference.

Get Started Now!

Tezos Capstone is ready to onboard its first participants now. You can visit for details, or start the registration process here. Once you register, you will receive an email with FAQs and instructions to start the curriculum. During the registration process, we ask for you to optionally submit a resume. This is not required, but it is useful for our team to help support you and to potentially match you with opportunities as they emerge.

We look forward to having you as part of the first Tezos Capstone cohort, and to welcoming you to the Tezos Global Hack-a-thon in New York in September.

Now, go build something!