Shaun Belcher
Nov 26, 2018 · 2 min read

The Tezos Commons foundation and community have been busy notifying fellow members to make this a smooth transition. Please remind your fellow Tezos community members to verify they have prepared for Monday’s protocol activation.

For complete details please read Tezos mainnet GitLab documentation update

Moderators on /r/tezos pinned a post dedicated to the protocol upgrade Prepare For Protocol Change on Monday 26Nov18.

The protocol patch will add the following changes:

  • Add RPCs for voting
  • Fix to prevent account creation spam
  • Error handling for nonce revelation

When will the commit be available?

The protocol patch was made available on the mainnet branch as of commit 1fcd10f3d68bde0100515080314cf5b40bf77594.

When will the new protocol activate?

The protocol will activate at level 204762 on Monday, November 26th around ~5:30 PM UTC +0. Nodes that have not patched will lose connection to the network.

Applying Protocol Patch

  1. Archive the current build.

cd ~/tezos && mkdir ~/git-archive && git archive HEAD — format=zip > ~/git-archive/$(git rev-parse HEAD).zip && ls ~/git-archive

2. Run the command below to build the latest commit. Stop your node, baker, endorser and accuser. Then run the command again to minimize downtime.

fetch && git checkout mainnet && git rebase && eval $(opam env) && make

Both sets of executables for the current and new protocol will now be available.

3. Verify your are currently on head 1fcd10f3d68bde0100515080314cf5b40bf77594

git rev-parse HEAD

4. Start your node, baker, endorser and accuser processes or systemd services. Then start the new baker, endorser and accuser with -003-PsddFKi3 running in parallel.

Safety Measures:

  • Run the processes for both protocols on the same machine.
  • Use a signing solution maintaining a high watermark. (e.g. Nano Ledger S)

If the processes are run together in parallel on the same machine with your signer utilizing a high watermark the probability of double-baking is very low.

Potential Issues:

  • The baker switch --fee-threshold no longer exists after the upgrade. Any calls via systemd, scripts or baker config should change it to --minimal-fees <amount_tez> (e.g. 0.001 xtz) More Information

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