Tezos Boston Pitch Competition

Kenneth Garofalo
Jan 24 · 4 min read

Introducing the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition 2020 and the www.tezos.boston website.

Throughout the past two years Tezos Boston has been known to host a variety of meetups, from founder talks with Kathleen and Arthur to security token panel talks with Tokensoft, TQTezos, and StakerDAO. This has allowed us to gain valuable connections with local universities by working with their respective blockchain clubs. Our focus has been to bring in as many new developers, builders, and community members as possible through these events while also educating and providing resources for the attendees to advance within the Tezos ecosystem. One conclusion reached is that there is still a lack of connection and collaboration between those with business or entrepreneurial backgrounds to those with developer or engineering backgrounds. The most successful projects often have team members of both developer and business backgrounds so our solution to help connect the two schools of thought is the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition.

Tezos Boston Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition Locations

The Tezos Boston Pitch Competition is a series of pitch contests in Q1 2020 throughout Massachusetts (Babson college, Worcester, Boston) where registered teams will compete over five hour periods to refine and present their business pitches to judges for a set of prizes. The requirements are not to build an extensive code repository but rather focus on the general business plan of their project. The projects must include Tezos in the pitch. This will allow for a wider variety of entrants to get involved as they will not be intimidated by rigorous technological requirements. The theme for the pitch competitions will be aligned with the MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon — “Building the Stack”.

Register for the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition Here

The purpose of this alignment is to prepare the attendees for the MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon where we will ultimately encourage them to register and participate. This is where the connection of business and developer backgrounds will be made. Not only are we giving the attendees a chance to practice their pitch skills in a formalized arena, but we are preparing them for the larger goal of rounding out their teams in a more prestige setting. Did I mention there will be prizes? The Tezos Boston Pitch Competition will also award teams that participate fully as well as larger awards for the winning teams. We will also be partnering with local community businesses to provide media coverage of the events so the global community can stay informed on our efforts. We are excited to see what Tezos projects emerge from this experience and are eager to add this to the list of annual events that Tezos Boston runs.

This is a rather large goal and there is plenty of opportunity for sponsors to join in on the fun. Please reach out to us via our website www.tezos.boston by filling out an Event Registration Form if you are interested in sponsoring the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition. We expect around 30 teams in total to physically participate across all locations with a global community reach in the thousands. Some benefits of becoming a sponsor are:

  • Awareness & engagement​ — for your company and brand
  • Education & adoption​ — engage with attendees, collect feedback and showcase your solutions
  • Promoting blockchain adoption​ — position your company as a difference maker
  • Talent ​- access to numerous students, professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world as well as access to participants from Babson College, and additional MA universities.
  • Partnerships ​- meet and connect with other sponsors as well as leaders from Boston’s Blockchain Ecosystem

Launch of the www.tezos.boston Website

We have created a website that showcases our past work at Tezos Boston along with promoting our current and future efforts. Please check out our site at www.tezos.boston and begin collaborating with us today!

Tezos Boston

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Kenneth Garofalo

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Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

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