Tezos Commons Offers Co-Working Space

Samuel Harrison
Dec 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Starting a new project is tough. Aside from both solving fresh technological and business challenges — there are a few, constant, mundane challenges that every new endeavor needs to resolve.

Finding an office space is one of those.

We, here at Tezos Commons, hope to make that easier for some of the Tezos-centric start-ups here in the Bay Area.

Starting February 1st, 2019, the Commons is opening up a pilot program with Hero City in San Mateo, California to provide some office space for those building with or on the Tezos protocol.

The mystique of Silicon Valley is that start-ups are formed in the garage of some founder’s grandmother.

The Apple Garage? (Maybe not)
The Google Garage? (I think so)

But the reality is, grandmothers are hard to come by. I only got two my whole life and neither of them were willing to park their Buicks in the road so I could get my entrepreneurship on.

Bay Area office space is astoundingly expensive. But, with good partnerships, some creativity and a little planning — the Commons was able to open up some desk space at Hero City.

Hero City — a co-working space for serious start-ups…just not TOO serious

Hero City is a start-up space in San Mateo associated with Tim Draper and the larger Draper Ecosystem. This ecosystem includes Draper University (an institution that provides entrepreneurship education to both seasoned executives and first time founders), BoostVC (a fund dedicated to smaller investments at pre-seed and seed stage), and a significant network of venture capital funds.

Tezos Commons will be running this pilot program to gauge the interest in a space like this in the Bay Area. And, for the pilot program, the Commons will be covering the cost. The available seats are limited so, if you do have an interest, please let us know by emailing info@tezoscommons.org and put “co-working space” in the subject line.

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