Tezos Commons — Year in Review

Jan 21 · 7 min read

Greetings Tezos Community,

This past year has seen incredible progress, challenges, and accomplishments for the Tezos Ecosystem. From successfully demonstrating on-chain governance to building an actual use-case for blockchain in the real world (tokenization of assets), Tezos has an extremely bright future ahead. This space is entirely unique and is trailblazing a path that has not been walked on before. Tezos isn’t just a powerful technology but rather an industry with a diverse set of entities, stakeholders, contributors, and builders coordinating together from all parts of the world, operating in an entirely distributed manner. When Tezos Commons was first formed through the early community on Riot, it had one mission — Build a global community dedicated to the digital commonwealth. Our mission has evolved since, not only do we want to build a global community for Tezos but also empower the community to be architects through bootstrapping local community organizers, communications, promotion, education, funding open source initiatives and advocacy.

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, we will continue to humbly serve the Tezos Community, preserve our grassroots culture, and essentially get shit done. Our intention is to help build Tezos into one of the most prominent technologies in the world and we will work tirelessly for this goal to manifest.

Before looking ahead, let’s reflect on the past and provide a breakdown on the initiatives we worked on in 2019. On Behalf of the entire Tezos Commons organization, Thank you for supporting us and lets make 2020 an even better year!

// Community Building

Global meetups and workshops

We hosted over 70 Tezos events across 32 cities around the globe in 2019. Our goal is to scale these events for 2020 and solidify local chapters in key regions to further strengthen Tezos communities. These events focused on general and technical education of Tezos, workshops, adoption, hackathons, and social gatherings.


The inaugural TezTalks was hosted by Tezos Commons in Silicon Valley. 12 speakers across the Tezos Ecosystem took the stage to talk about Tezos and the future of the commons. From Kathleen Breitman introducing Coase to Meltem Demirors explaining why Tezos works, you can see all the content here.

TQuorum Leadership Summit

Taking place in NYC in September, TQuorum brought together over 400 developers, researchers, validators, enthusiasts and more to discuss Tezos. In Collaboration with TQ, Tezos Commons invited over 40 community leaders from the across the world for an all-day summit to brainstorm and discuss a variety of topics including branding, events, messaging, and building a strong community. We look forward to hosting another Leadership Summit in 2020 at the next TQuorum in NYC.

Baking Days

In efforts to promote decentralization, Tezos Commons sponsored Baking Days, a hands-on technical workshop that offered participants to build and run their Tezos node.

Baking Days toured across 3 cities in Europe, learn more at Tezos on the Road.


Tezos Commons sponsored two prominent hackathons in 2019, one during Boston Blockchain Week where teams competed for a 10,000 XTZ prize and the first Tezos Hackathon in Eastern Europe. We look forward to organizing and sponsoring more hackathons in 2020.

Draper University

Tezos Commons collaborated with Draper University to provide free desk space for teams that are building on Tezos.

Tezonomics Podcast

Tezos Commons is a key sponsor for Tezonomics Podcast by Jonas Lamis. Tezosnomics features great interviews with contributors to the Tezos ecosystem, subscribe here.

// Exchanges and Wallets

Tezos Commons provided technical integration assistance and support for major exchanges and wallets that listed Tezos. Since Tezos is a dynamic platform that evolves over time, we are also working with these exchanges and wallets to ensure upgrades of the protocol transition seamlessly.

// Communication

Tezos community platforms

We are actively engaging and growing with the Tezos community on our most active platforms: Telegram, Tezos Agora, Twitter, Reddit, Riot channels. We are also one fo the few blockchain projects that has its own Tezos Stack Exchange site only because the efforts from the broad community. For more information on how to join the various Tezos communities, check out this resource built by Fredcy: https://tzchat.org

Tezos Announcements channel

Started off as a grassroots initiative by Zed to distribute Tezos news effectively across our most vibrant community platform on Telegram, this channel has now grown to over 8K subscribers along with expanding to Twitter. Tezos Announcements has become a premier channel to broadcast Tezos news and is actively managed by over 30 community members from various ecosystem organizations.

Tezos Announcements (Telegram): https://t.me/TezosAnnouncements

Tezos Bulletin (Twitter): https://twitter.com/tezosbulletin

Blockfolio Signal

Tezos Commons collaborated with TQ, Tezos Foundation, and Nomadic Labs to distribute news on Blockfolio Signal. Since joining Blockfolio Signal, Tezos has now grown to over 250K subscribers.


Tezos Commons Medium site has evolved into a powerful resource with a diverse set of contributors that bring expertise and knowledge from all facets of the Tezos Ecosystem such as development, business, community, and legal. If you would like to contribute to the Tezos Commons Medium site, feel free to reach out to us!

// Tools

Tezos Agora

The first governance explorer for Tezos, Agora was built in collaboration with TQ, Tezos Commons, and Tezos community members to build an effective medium to discuss and monitor Tezos proposals.

Baker Registry

Version 1 of the baker registry contract has been originated on the Tezos mainnet by the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF). The baker registry is a smart contract which allows a baker (and only that baker) to submit updates to their public data. Stay tuned for development and news on this project in 2020!


LabNet is a new testnet for Tezos designed to facilitate rapid iteration and user-centric experimentation, especially for Layer-2 (e.g. the OVM).

LabNet aims to complement the Tezos amendment process and runs alongside existing testnets (i.e. Babylonnet, Carthagenet, and Zeronet), upgrading to include experimental new features as they become available.


Keefer Taylor and Tezos Commons released a new version of TezosKit, v4.0.0. TezosKit is a Swift SDK for Tezos and Tezos based apps on Apple platforms, including iOS, MacOS, iPadOS. TezosKit 4.0 adds enhanced functionality for smart contract interactions. The new features enable implementations of native mobile interaction with apps on Tezos.

// Education


Tezos Capstone is a new initiative focused on introducing more developers into the Tezos ecosystem. Developers learn core blockchain and Tezos concepts, and practical dApp development experience.

Tezos development course on Zastrin

Tezos Commons sponsored a Tezos development course on Zastrin which offers courses to help you become a blockchain developer. The Tezos course will always remain free to anyone who wants to build a simple dapp on Tezos. We are currently planning with Zastrin to expand this course with new material for 2020.

Tezos Explainer Videos

Tezos Commons published Tezos Explainer Series this past year for anyone wanting to learn the concepts of Tezos in a simple, visually-appealing format. We will be publishing more explainer videos throughout the year and have designs to scale these videos, stay tuned!

// Business Development

Tezos Commons collaborates with various organizations across the Tezos ecosystem in assisting and coordinating projects being built on Tezos that range from STOs, tools, and applications.

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone we have worked with from Tezos Foundation, TQ Tezos, Tezos Asia, Tezos Ukraine, Tezos Brazil, Tezos Berlin, and especially the Tezos Community Organizers. We look forward to collaborating with you in 2020 and beyond.

Special thanks to: Zero Hour Zulu, Zed, Alex Liu, Tezos Admins, Fortsy, Klassare, Keefer Taylor, DNAG, Andrew (HappyTezos), Fredcy, William McKenzie, Baking Bad, Arsenal Unicorn, Johann Tanzer, Bernd Oostrum, Jonas Lamis, Jovan Smith, Brian Patel, Jev Bjorsell, Ken Garofalo, Cousinit, Cryptonomics, Mike Radin. ❤️

Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community


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Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

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