Tezos Community Reward Winners — February 2021

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Mar 12 · 4 min read

Greetings Tezos Community,

We are pleased to announce the winners of CRP for the month of February!

In collaboration with TQ Tezos, we introduced a rewards program for the Tezos Community in which up to 5000 tez will given to contributors across various categories.

Please keep in mind that this is an ever-evolving program and changes are continually being incorporated based on the feedback that is received from the community such as the addition and subtraction of certain categories, which will be reflected on the submission page. As a reminder, any tez that is unclaimed or unused will be rolled back into the overall pot that is used to fund this program. Not every category will always have a winner(s).

Numerous factors are used when evaluating submissions such as, quality of submissions, quality of activity, number of submissions, and verifiable proof of activity done by the nominee (no single factor is determinative of a winner, as all factors were weighed to select winners). The judges would like to note that for each category, they are looking for the respective monthly related activity meaning submissions should reflect activities done for that current month, i.e.; month of February activities (this applies to all categories except the OG category).

As a reminder to the reward winners, the awards are all distributed through Kukai and DirectAuth. If you are having any issues claiming your awards, please message us at: here.

Without further delay here are the results of the winners:

Indie Dev of the Month

1st Place: @KeeferTaylor

2nd Place: @fitblip

3rd Place: @Lukeyoungblood

*We know that there are indie devs out there, help us put a spotlight on their work by nominating them for March!

Memenator (best or most popular NEW Tezos meme)

1st Place: u/Roketzu

2nd Place: @Tezorian

3rd Place:@LucasArtGreen

4th Place: @tezosfan

5th Place: u/Danny-God

*There were too many great submissions so we decided to an extra two rewards for this category!

Troll Hunter and/or FUD Fighter (for defending the social media ecosystem from the enemies at the gate)

1st Place: @TheWolfOfTezo

2nd Place: @EmBeaufils

3rd Place: @BakingBenjamins

4th Place: @AndersenIot

Good Samaritan (for helping community members and noobs to the ecosystem)

1st Place: @tezosnoob

2nd Place: u/HandlessOrganist

3rd Place: @Crypt0nio

4th Place: u/HenryBrodie

5th Place: @LongShotParadox

*There were numerous quality submissions, so we decided to expand the category to 5 winners!

Curiosity Award (for asking the most or best questions on Agora)

1st Place: @CodingToTheMax8

2nd Place: (none)

3rd Place: (none)

Genius Award (for answering the most or giving the best answer on Agora)

1st Place: (none)

2nd Place: (none)

3rd Place: (none)

OG Award (for long-time Community members who have stuck with the projects through all the ups and downs and have remained active and contributing members of the community)

1st Place: u/Oppositerevolution

2nd Place: @aeaf123

3rd Place: (none)

TACO Award (for best article, tutorial, white paper or other educational materials)

1st Place: @IgnoranceIt

2nd Place: @madfishofficial

3rd Place: (none)

Social Maven

1st Place: (none)

2nd Place: @Ruja_Tezla

3rd Place: @Jhon_Black100

Helpers & Sherpas (for people who freely help others with tech support)

1st Place: @BakingBenjamins

2nd Place: @luizMilfont

3rd Place: @tezard_tezos

4th Place: @tezoswatch

Governance Gurkas (for vote whips)

1st Place: @luizmilfont

2nd Place: (none)

3rd Place: (none)

Stack Exchange Rangers

1st Place: Rodrigo Quelhas

2nd Place: https://tezos.stackexchange.com/users/5473/ryan

3rd Place: arvidj

Agora Anglers (for casting ideas)

1st Place: (none)

2nd Place: (none)

3rd Place: (none)

*We see lots of activity on TezosAgora, please help us highlight some of the best posters by nominating them for March!

Flock & Feathers (for holding the canopy on Twitter)

1st Place: (none)

2nd Place: @tezorian

3rd Place: @ShillJenner

Give a Go (for anyone giving an idea a start by showing some initial action and humble result)

1st Place: (none)

2nd Place: u/t3ol3e

3rd Place: @tzcolors

4th Place: @TezosInAfrica

Humble Coder Abode (for unsolicited contribution on any related Git)

1st Place: @hicetnunc2000

2nd Place: (none)

3rd Place: (none)

Content Creators (People who make creative content, like Tezos music, tezos related art, and/or graphics)

1st Place: @YinYangYoeshi

2nd Place: @quasimondo

3rd Place: @XTZNews

Congrats to the winners of this round! As a reminder, rewards are sent via Kukai and DirectAuth.

Nominations are open for March

With March underway, we have been accepting nominations for this month. If you know someone that deserves a reward for their contributions to the community or have ideas about other categories that should be recognized then please fill out a nomination located here.

As mentioned previously, we are still working on long-term improvements to this program. We know this program is far from being perfect so please bear with us while we strive to keep improving this program based on community feedback. Stay tuned, stay creative, and keep nominating!

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