Tezos Community Update — December

Dec 1, 2020 · 3 min read
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Welcome to December! — 1 month left for 2020, on behalf of Tezos Commons, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday.❄️

Greetings Tezos Community!

What a year it’s been, as we see the end of 2020 pass by, we look forward to finishing the year strong. After the Delphi proposal has been autonomously implemented into the Tezos protocol, the teams of Nomadic Labs, MetaState, and Marigold have submitted the Edo proposal which features significant upgrades to the protocol.

Key features for Edo:

  • Sapling, originally developed by the Electric Coin Company, will be integrated to enable privacy-preserving transactions on Tezos. With recent improvements, the time needed for crafting and verifying transactions using Sapling have reached practical levels suitable for any end-user. Coupled with this is the addition of Michelson opcodes for the pairing-friendly elliptic curve BLS12–381.
  • Tickets provide a mechanism for smart-contract to grant portable permissions to other smart-contracts, or to issue tokens. This enables new kinds of composable contract architectures and aims to guard against common smart contract vulnerabilities.
  • A new fifth period called “Adoption” is a means to improve governance on Tezos by providing an additional window for bakers, indexers, and end-users to upgrade their nodes once a protocol upgrade goes live.

This current proposal will not only introduce optional privacy features but for the first time, the governance mechanism itself will be changed. This new proposal is also following the plan of regular scheduled Tezos proposals by various teams.

🏆 Community Rewards Program

In collaboration with TQ Tezos and Tezos Commons, we introduced a new rewards program for the Tezos Community in which up to 5000 tez will given to contributors across various categories.

We have announced the winners of October and distributed the awards, congrats again to all those who have participated!

If you know someone that deserves recognition and tez for their contributions to the Tezos ecosystem, then please nominate that person here (self-nominations are accepted too!).

🎯 ICYMI — Ecosystem Content

TezTalks focuses on the stories and people behind Tezos. First is ‘TezTalks Live’ which is our live-streamed virtual meetup with participation from the audience and ‘TezTalks Radio’, a video podcast that dives in the why behind the latest news. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future events and podcast episodes.

📰 Key Highlights from November

Subscribe to the Tezos Announcements channel on Telegram and Twitter that is updated daily with the latest

📅 Tezos Community Events in December

(events will be updated accordingly)

December 10th: a conversation with Tyler Clark of Dexter

December 17th: Alessandro de Carli of Papers

December 21st: Episode #15 — an Ecosystem update with hosts Brian & Will

Check every week on TQuorum for the latest speaker hosted every Wednesday

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