Tezos Community Update— February

Jan 31 · 4 min read

Greetings Tezos Community,

2020 is well underway and Tezos is off to an awesome start for the new year. Firstly, The current proposal Carthage 2.0 has reached quorum and is now in the testing phase. After 11 days it will move to the promotion phase in which bakers can vote to activate the new protocol upgrade.

Follow the progress and discuss the current Tezos protocol proposal at Agora.

In addition, Tezos Foundation has announced it’s third cohort of Tezos ecosystem grants which contains 21 newly issued grants to community builders dedicated to advancing the ecosystem.

Following this announcement, Tezos Foundation has also issued a new RFP for Ecosystem grants. If you are interested in building for Tezos, learn more about submitting a grant request here.

Key Highlights from January

Sign up for the alpha release of Emergents, a digital collectible card game which uses a Tezos-powered marketplace. Built by Coase, Inc., co-founded by Kathleen Breitman.

In addition to key highlights above, there has been a ton of more developments, announcements, and software releases in November, subscribe to the Tezos Announcements channel on Telegram that is updated daily with the latest.

Community Events for February

Tezos AMA Series: Binance Spanish

In collaboration with Binance, Tezos Commons will be hosting an AMA on Telegram. Our featured participant will be Kevin Nielsen who works on building the Tezos ecosystem. Participate in the AMA in the Binance Spanish TG channel on February 6th.

Tezos AMA Series: Cryptium Labs & Nomadic Labs on Tezos Agora

Cryptium Labs, a key Tezos development team, will be doing an AMA on February 13th on Tezos Agora. Stay tuned for more details.

Bakers Summit Europe — for Bakers, by Bakers

All bakers are invited to join the first Bakers Summit on February 7th in Vienna, Austria!

This event is organized by a group of bakers, for bakers to have a dedicated space for networking and discussing baking experiences and issues. Overall, we want to have a great time and support the backbone of the Tezos network.

We have prepared @BakersViennaBot to handle registration, just follow the instructions to get invited to the event chat where you will find the venue address and all other details.

Tezos Boston Pitch Competition — February 22nd, 23rd, 29th

The Tezos Boston Pitch Competition is a series of pitch contests in Q1 2020 throughout Massachusetts (Babson college, WPI (Worcester), Boston) where registered teams will compete over five hour periods to refine and present their business pitches to judges for a set of prizes.

Register for the Tezos Boston Pitch Competition Here

Tezos Meetups

(events, dates, links and locations may change and will be updated accordingly)

February 11th: #BUIDL Week Colorado — hosted by Cryptonomics

February 22nd: Tezos Berlin x Cryptonomic — Blockchain Development with Tezos, Workshop

February 26th: Tezos Barcelona — How to deploy a node and bake

Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community


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Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

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