Tezos Community Update — June

Jun 1 · 2 min read
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“Compassion: that’s the one things no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps (humans) ahead of them.” — Dr. McCoy, Star Trek

👋 Greetings Tezos Community,

In the light of recent events, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy as we are experiencing unprecedented times. Just remember we are all on the same journey, navigating through the same uncharted waters of life so lets be good to each other and share our empathy.

We also would like to thank the community for showing overwhelming support for our virtual events and content. We will continue to produce these in the months ahead for the purpose of highlighting great stories in the Tezos Ecosystem.

🎯 ICYMI: TezTalks

TezTalks focuses on the stories and people behind Tezos. First is ‘TezTalks Live’ which is our live-streamed virtual meetup with participation from the audience and ‘TezTalks Radio’, a video podcast that dives in the why behind the latest news. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future events and podcast episodes.

TezTalks Live #3 featuring the Vertalo Team
TezTalks Live #4 featuring StakerDAO
TezTalks Radio #2 — Deep diving into the Ecosystem

Want to listen to TezTalks Radio instead? Subscribe to the audio only version on Spotify and Apple Music.

📰 Key Highlights from May

In addition to key highlights above, there has been a ton of more developments, announcements, and software releases. Subscribe to the Tezos Announcements channel on Telegram and Twitter that is updated daily with the latest

📅 Community Events in June (Virtual)

(Events will be updated accordingly)

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Stay tuned for announcements of TezTalks Live and Radio as we finalize dates for June!

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