Tezos Recruits @ the Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair

AngelList is “where the world meets start-ups” (their words, not mine). Is it, effectively, an introduction board where tech start-ups gather to seek seed funding and find brave souls who are eager to throw their career into a boiling pot of dreams and promises and who will — sometimes — emerge into a world that has been made better due to their efforts.

I love start-ups.

AngelList has also begun tracking interesting job trends. Take the following graph. Over the past year, AngelList has seen the number of new job postings for cryptocurrencies increase dramatically.

They even took pains to point out that the increase continued despite the so-called popping of the crypto-bubble (note the two arrows that they added). But here is an even greater take away from their analysis: “in the last 3 months, the number of crypto job postings has doubled.”(1)

Tezos, it appears, is not alone in putting their crowd-sourced funds to work by recruiting and hiring talent across the globe.

Four representatives came to the International House on UC Berkeley’s campus this last week. Kate Sills and Jonas Lamis were there as members of the board of the directors of the Tezos Commons Foundation and Andrew Kishino and Sam Harrison volunteered their time to represent the Tezos community at large.

Kate Sills discusses the Self-Amending Crypto-Ledger with two people eager to get involved w/ blockchain.

Throughout the 5 and 1/2 hour event, the Blockchain Career Fair saw over 1,000 students, professionals and academics flow through the building, holding conversations all focused on one of the largest revolutions in computer science since Lotus 1–2–3.

Andrew, Kate and Sam field questions about blockchain, careers, and on-chain governance.

With the pending launch of the betanet and the mainnet not far behind, Tezos has put out the call for experienced developers. There are 40 open reqs for individuals that have functional programming experience. 25 will be based in Paris, but that number of positions to be filled had attendees at the fair eager to have their skills considered. Tezos collected dozens and dozens of hopeful applicants and is already hard at work culling through the resumes and reaching out for interviews.

Jonas Lamis discusses Tezos, TCF, and it’s mission to find and fund community projects for Tezos.

Jonas Lamis even sat down for a Facebook Live interview with Dekrypt Capital. Many people can get bogged down in the finer details of blockchain minutiae — but Jonas did a superb job explaining Tezos and how it is different from other blockchains. His interview is packed with great nuggets so I highly recommend it (2)

The event was a smashing success for all involved. First, TCF showed up in force — proving again how strong the Tezos community is. If chains live and die on the strength of their communities, Tezos is in good hands.

Second, the blockchain siren-call continues to impress. The number and quality of individuals at this career fair was staggering. For 330 minutes solid, every member of the Tezos team was actively engaged with, if not one, then two or three people eager to learn more and get involved.

Finally, for me, it was just fun! We precious few who are subscribed to this cutting edge technological revolution are all learning from each other and filled with unbridled hope at what is possible. If the measure of a person is the company they keep — I am proud to be a part of this community.

Until next time — here is a picture of my ridiculous smile.

Kate Sills, Sam Harrison (that’s me) and Jonas Lamis: Throughly enjoying themselves.