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Aug 2 · 2 min read

Keefer Taylor and the Tezos Commons (TC) are proud to announce a new release of TezosKit.

TezosKit is a Swift SDK for Tezos and Tezos based apps on Apple platforms, including iOS, MacOS, iPadOS.

TezosKit 4.0 adds enhanced functionality for smart contract interactions. The new features enable implementations of native mobile interaction with apps on Tezos.

TezosKit is also proud to be collaborating with camlCase to bring a mobile focused interface to DEXter, Tezos’ decentralized exchange.

These features also arrive just in time for the IDEO hackathon where teams will be able to use it to build mobile-focused products. This new surface for interaction with apps is especially relevant for the “adoptathon” component of the event where teams compete for widest adoption of their products..

This work has been generously sponsored by TC and will add value to the entire Tezos ecosystem.

Let’s dive in to see what’s changed!

TezosKit now provides first class support for building Michelson parameters.

Previous iterations required developers to consult the lengthy Michelson documentation to understand the Micheline JSON specification and wire values to a Dictionary themselves. TezosKit now handles the intricate details of this interaction for developers.

As an example, consider calling a contract with a simple Pair:

Pair (“tz1XarY7qEahQBipuuNZ4vPw9MN6Ldyxv8G3”, 42)

The old code would have required a developer to bind up an ugly dictionary of values:

let args: [[String: Any]] = [
[“string”: “tz1XarY7qEahQBipuuNZ4vPw9MN6Ldyxv8G3”],
[“int”: “42”]
let param: [String: Any] = [
“prim”: “Pair”,
“args”: args

With the new MichelsonParameter types in TezosKit, binding this parameter is as easy as:

let param = PairMichelsonParameter(
left: StringMichelsonParameter(
right: IntMichelsonParameter(int: 42)

Additionally, TezosKit has functionality to query contract storage including big maps. You can learn more about the new APIs in the project’s Michelson documentation.

Beyond smart contract interaction, there are lots of exciting things happening in the Tezos ecosystem around mobile.

Pocket Network announced that they’ll be integrating their core technology in TezosKit to improve network decentralization.

This release also contains many smaller improvements. For instance, fee structures are now segmented between protocols to better handle protocol upgrades. Provisions are provided for some exciting new features such as signing transactions via the Secure Enclave and local operation forging. Additionally, better code testability has increased test coverage of the library by 25%. A full technical changelog is available in the release documentation.

The future is bright for mobile applications on Tezos and TezosKit looks forward to continuing to build and connect exciting mobile technologies from across the ecosystem. From both TC and TezosKit, we’re looking forward to seeing what you build. You can get started here.

Special thanks to Cryptonomic and @dsintermediatd for helping us wade through the details of Tezos contract interactions.

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Keefer Taylor

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Tezos Commons

Updates and insights from the global Tezos community

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