Tezos LA Kickoff Event — Recap

LA’s first Tezos event was a huge success!

Kevin Mehrabi
Sep 29, 2018 · 6 min read

Hollywood is home to movie premieres — star-studded events outside gorgeous venues. From paparazzi to red carpet interviews, an otherwise banal process becomes a sacred ceremonial christening (as well as a social media darling); the spark to ignite the planet’s patronage. The whole world takes notice of the first exhibition of a new cinematic gem that will, soon after, circumnavigate the globe.

Here in LA, we know how to do a premiere. With the Tezos mainnet launch coming up, we wanted the same thing for Tezos!

In this new world of distributed technologies and equal access media platforms, there is no reason why anyone of any locality can’t produce quality media content distributable for a global audience. We at Tezos Los Angeles strive to create events and media productions that will inspire other Tezos localities and the whole Tezos world.

Our mission at our August 2018 Tezos LA Kickoff event was to not only live up to our media content expectations as a city, but to set a new model for Tezos events that can be conducted anywhere and in any locality.

Specifically we wanted to:

  • Create high-production-value talks
  • Produce media content for viral distribution
  • Promote the growth of the Los Angeles’ Tezos community


Dray (Dr. Debajyoti Ray, PhD)
“Finding the Perfect Coding Language for Blockchain ”

What could be a more natural start of the talk series than to begin with the underlying basis of Tezos?

Dray opened the talk series with a discussion of his journey to discover the perfect coding language for a blockchain. He highlighted his time at CalTech and the geeky uses of OCaml for a mathematically sound means of functional programming and how the same logical parameters extend to the needs of a blockchain.

What’s more, Dray emphasized how OCaml “ future-proof’s” Tezos blockchain to scale in a manner with which alternatives to Tezos blockchain’s will ultimately struggle and even potentially collapse.

Ilona Maitra
“Dinosaurs on the Blockchain (Smart Contracts)”

Hailing from Southern California’s massive and ever-changing energy industry, Ilona spoke on the fundamental problems with energy unit-cost logistics at every point of the supply chain, and how precision Tezos-driven smart-contracts will resolve them. (“Dinosaurs” referring to the origin of fossil fuels.)

Jonas Lamis
“Introducing Tezos and Delegation”

As a Tezos community pioneer, the founder of the notorious tezos.community website, Tezos Commons Foundation board member, and the man behind the largest Tezos delegation service, Jonas Lamis gave the audience a comprehensive 411 on all things Tezos.

Jonas walked us through the history of Tezos — how the idea became a reality and the figures behind it, through the crowdsale, aftermath, and the successive network launch stages.

With the enthused crowd wanting to know how they could get involved, Jonas displayed a series of Tezos resources and community projects, explaining how individuals could learn more, get involved, and create their own projects.

Abraham Sutherland
“The Tezos Foundation Grant Program”

Coming from the Tezos Foundation itself, Abe teased the future of Tezos and the importance of independent initiatives by active community members. Abe encouraged the audience to explore the ongoing needs of the Tezos community to advance the technology platform and means of access to it.

Outlining how the grant process worked and the review process for it, Abe mentioned a few previously announced funded projects as well prospective areas of Tezos Foundation engagement for the future.

Trivia Game Giveaway

Following the talks, what better way to start giving out free Tezos SWAG with than a Trivia game, a fun quiz for the audience on what they learned about Tezos today.

Art Exhibit – Tezos Tattoo Guy

What better symbolic gesture of Tezos making a new mark in Los ANgeles than to publicly exhibit the blood, sweat, and tears that comes with having a giant permanent Tezos logo tattooed on your back?

Following the main program, our model, Jani, and our tattoo artist, Ricky, did just that.

Party Time

Dinner, dancing, mingling, networking. In total Los Angeles style, we had delicious Mexican food with full-service catering for dinner — including made to order Tacos and quesadillas. To top it off, our attendees made good use of our open bar, serving beer and wine all night.

I also crafted and a special Tezos logo cookie cutter to make Tezos logo fondant toppings for cupcakes.

Club Indigo DJ Sarah Badiee was in the mix, laying the soundtrack of the rest of the night, to rave reviews.


Mission Accomplished! We had a lot of fun that day and we truly appreciated the honor of kicking off Tezos community activities in Los Angeles.

We will be publishing videos of the event, including videos for each of the talks over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

If you’d like to join us for upcoming events, sign-up for updates on our website and join us on Meetup and Eventbrite





If you’d like to make your own Tezos logo cutter for your own events or just for fun, I’ve made the file public so you can 3D print your own!

Tezos Logo Cutter — Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3116539

Tezos Logo Cutter — Github

Tezos LA

Tezos Los Angeles

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Tezos LA

Tezos LA

Tezos Los Angeles

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