Public Tezos SignalR(WebSocket) Endpoint Available on

Andrew Paulicek
Oct 29 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce that everyone can now generate their own TaaS endpoint on website. We would like to thank Tezos Foundation for approving the grant and making the TaaS project and publicly available endpoints possible.

About TaaS (Tezos as a Service) Endpoint

TaaS (Tezos as a Service) provides real-time updates to various applications from the Tezos Blockchain by leveraging SignalR (WebSocket).

For more information please refer to the previous article — Homepage

How to generate the endpoint?

Head to where you will be able to generate your endpoint after signing in with you GitHub credentials. During the process you can select the region, please pick the one close to you. — New Endpoint Region Selection

It takes us about 3–5 minutes to provision and configure all the resources needed to get your endpoint up and running. After everything is configured you will see your endpoint URL on the site. — Setting up the Endpoint

How to use the endpoint?

You can start by

Client-side SignalR libraries are available for many programming languages. We have tested the endpoint so far with clients in JavaScript, Typescript, .NET and Java. There are client libraries written in Go, Python, Swift, etc.

Endpoint limitations

Free endpoint have the following limitations:

  • 20 000 messages per endpoint per day (1 message is counted for each 64kB in case message has more than 64kB)

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email hello AT in case you’ll have any issues with the endpoint or integration.


You can get in touch with the team on

Tezos as a Service

Andrew Paulicek

Written by | Founder

Tezos as a Service

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