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Apr 11 · 3 min read

TFA Labs announce a solution for securing data in billions of IoT devices, using the Factom® blockchain.

Huntsville, Alabama, April 11 2019 — TFA Labs has introduced Signed at Source, a solution for IoT devices which combines hardware and blockchain technology to sign incoming data and produce an immutable entry. This process enables a completely trusted and irrefutable record of IoT data from its origin.

Data integrity solutions are becoming increasingly important with an estimated 75.4b devices expected to be online by 2025.

Data at any point in transit cannot be inherently trusted unless it has been secured at its origin. We have developed a solution to address this problem using proprietary hardware and accelerated cryptography to secure data at its origin. Our solution writes incoming data to the blockchain as close to the source as physically possible. Introduction of our blockchain signing chip to the source negates hacking and spoofing attempts from malicious actors, and allows for secure and virtually untamperable data

said TFA Labs CTO Stuart Johnson.

The US-based technology company, headquartered in Alabama, is primarily focused on secure IoT hardware development and blockchain integration.

Following continued research and development, TFA Labs will produce a small SMD (Surface Mounted Device) approximately a half inch squared in size, comparable to a penny, that will support a full .NET MCU and Raspberry Pi/Arduino. The IOT-SAS SMD solution is suitable for embedding within existing Industrial and other IoT devices.

IOT-SAS works with the Factom® blockchain out of the box, and currently has support for Python, C# and JavaScript with more on the way.

Factom® is perfectly suited for IoT due to:

  • Low data entry costs
  • Fixed data entry costs
  • Data agnosticism
  • Chains and sub-chains for structuring data

A short video of Signed at Source™ in action is available from TFA Labs.

Stuart Johnson will be a Jedi at Odyssey, the World’s Biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon on 12–14th April in Groningen, The Netherlands. IOT-SAS boards will be available for contestants to make use of during the hackathon.

More information is available at

For any inquiries, or to arrange a media interview, please contact TFA Labs at

TFA Labs

Signed at Source™ IoT data security

TFA Labs

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TFA Labs

Your data is insecure. We can fix that. Signed at Source™

TFA Labs

TFA Labs

Signed at Source™ IoT data security

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