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2022: A year in review

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What of 2023?

Despite Ulrich Bindseil and Jürgen Schaaf from ECB calling out the last stand of Bitcoin and the massive outflows from the crypto markets have blockchain, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs a future or will 2023 see the further closing of projects, as we have seen already with We.Trade, B3i, TradeLens, and ASX from the permissioned DLT sector?

Crypto hype and froth takes a back seat

The last two years has seen a wall of money come into the crypto markets and it has been the fuel of protocols offering oversize returns with no fundamental basis other than relying on the constant flow of new money.


The regulatory drum has been beating across the world and we have seen some progress towards regulatory certainty such as MiCA which has been approved and is now making its way through the technical and translation phases. There is the EU Transfer of Funds Rule (TFR), the tax initiative DAC8 which potentially widens the scope of MiCA. In the US there is pressure to “do something” in light of FTX and continuing initiatives to combat the proceeds of crime.

Real World Assets

Real World Assets are becoming much more discussed in the context of how businesses can use blockchain technology as a force for innovation and we will see a lot more of this in 2023. Seeing the levels of activity in the last quarter of 2022 with businesses discussing approaches to building, issuing digital assets and using smart contracts to connect parties and automate workflows points is encouraging.

Verifiable Credentials

Identity is key in taming the wilder aspects of crypto and the use of verifiable credentials strikes the balance between privacy and being able to verify the identity and attributes associated with an identity without revealing the information. 2023 will see further adoption of this and potentially extend the concept to verifiable wallets or assets and these technical measures will go a long way to demonstrate that there is a serious effort being applied to combat the proceeds of crime being used. The alternative is a regime with a lot of personal data being exchanged and all the implications this has.

Squaring the Circle?

Can the architects of a decentralised web of applications meet the needs of the nations, where their customers live and their legislation? What gives? Will this be part of the agenda in 2023?



The foundation of Tgrade is a robust, secure, fully decentralized platform that offers the ability for self-sovereign groups to form and interact with each other.

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