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Create a Trusted Circle, add a Digital Asset, Permission the Trading Pair and Trade in Tgrade

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Setting up a Trusted Circle

Tgrade is a public, permissionless blockchain designed with decentralisation at its heart. One of the key features are Trusted Circles which allow you to set up a group how you want without needing the permission from anyone. To learn about Trusted Circles and what they can do there is a nice animation here

Create a Trusted Circle
Create a new Trusted Circle
Optional adding members
Sign transaction and pay escrow
Transaction approved

Create a Digital Asset and associate it with my Trusted Circle

You create a Digital Asset and associate it with the Trusted Circle you have just created. Before you begin, you need to copy the address of the Trusted Circle to your clipboard.

Creating a digital asset
Second screen, create asset
Transaction approved

Create the trading pair

Now you need to set up the trading pair and this is done in the Provide Liquidity tab where you select the assets to trade, you select the token from the list and you are going to create a TGD <-> SUST (the Digital Asset you just created)

Create pair

Whitelist the trading pair to the Trusted Circle

Since SUST (our new asset) is associated with our Trusted Circle we need to whitelist the pair, you go back to the Trusted Circle dashboard and select Whitelist Pair.

Select Whitelist Pair proposal
Select pair
Confirm proposal
Execute proposal

Provide Liquidity

You now go back to T-Market where you will provide liquidity to the pair you whitelisted and the Provide Liquidity tab where you select TGD and EUR and you will see a button appear Approve EUR which you click.

Provide liquidity

Exchange tokens from the whitelisted pair

Now the pair have liquidity you can trade them by selecting the tokens from the list from the Exchange tab, you could enter 10 TGD and you are shown the amount of SUST you receive along with the fees. Once happy you click Swap to transact.

Swap TGD for EUR

To experience it for yourself



The foundation of Tgrade is a robust, secure, fully decentralized platform that offers the ability for self-sovereign groups to form and interact with each other.

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