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Green Finance revisited

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Relationship between Sharpe ratio and the ESG and Stakeholder credits

What happened?

Was there any progress since I first wrote about the multiple-dimensional programmable instruments?

To bring radical change we need to make capital cheaper for sustainable investments than traditional capital

What if organisations could raise capital cheaper for sustainable growth and were thus given a competitive edge over traditional businesses raising capital through the normal means?

Where are we now?

Much has changed in two years and yet it seems little has changed and we are no further in innovating in the Green Finance space using new technologies.

  • The EU green taxonomy initiative has made progress and good to see that standards are emerging, without which it is hard to make financial instruments.
  • More regulatory clarity
  • More focus on climate matters, a greater sense of urgency

What next?

Let’s say the fully automated multiple dimensional programable instrument running on a fully licenced blockchain platform is not attainable in the medium term. What else can be done?

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The foundation of Tgrade is a robust, secure, fully decentralized platform that offers the ability for self-sovereign groups to form and interact with each other.

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