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Oversight Community : Pre-launch, Engagement and what next!

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In an earlier article I set out what the role of the Oversight Community is in the context of Proof of Engagement and how the Oversight Community is up and running.

The Oversight Committee is fully fluent in the tooling built to manage the governance, of adding proposals and voting, including the allocation of Engagement Points, adding new members, punishing validators and open text proposals. This has been done through the various testnets.

In addition there has been preparation for the Tgrade mainnet launch by discussing the levels of Engagement Points and the activities that qualify. The Oversight Community have created some frameworks to help guide the assessments of Engagement.

Engagement Points earned

There have been many contributions in the months of testnet support that have earned Engagement Points. These Engagement Points are being allocated in the Genesis file at launch.

There has been some important translation work done of the Tgrade Constitution and Whitepapers to make Tgrade more accessible. 200 Engagement Points have been awarded to each of the translators. There has been other valuable translation work of the blog articles and the translators have been awarded 200 Engagement Points.

The Tgrade Discord group has been an important part of communication for the Oversight Community, the validators and community interactions needed during the testnets. 200 Engagement Points were awarded to a moderator who organised the channels, and implemented the bot/spam management tools.

There have also been 200 Engagement Points allocated to a community building initiative.

The Validators played an important part in the testnets and in preparing for Tgrade launch and each of the validators who are participating in the network launch have been allocated 2000 Engagement Points.

The Aneka block explorer has been an important tool for both internal and public testnets and it is being prepared for mainnet launch. Vitwit, the team behind the Aneka block explorer is being awarded 8000 Engagement Points.

Post Launch allocations

There are several ways to reach out to the Oversight Community to propose an activity for Engagement Points, either using the form or the Tgrade Discord channel #oversight-community-general . The Oversight Community will be active in the Tgrade community and will proactively reach out to people who are making a contribution.

In Proof of Engagement, the Engagement Points mechanism determines the distribution of TGD tokens and thus the rewards from a proportion of the block rewards and transactions. The more engaged you are the more tokens you earn which is how collaboration is incentivised.



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