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Tgrade countdown has begun

Launching Tgrade

Okay, so we are not launching a rocket to the moon, nor do we have mission control nonetheless, we are excited that we are sequencing events to do a network launch with our validator set that sees Tgrade launch mainnet

Over the next few weeks, we are cutting a final release, collecting information from the validator set, and preparing the all-important genesis file, and our validators will be busy getting their infrastructure ready for launch.

Proof of Engagement

We have the Oversight Community in place with a good spread geographically, and the Oversight Community has been working hard during the various testnets. There have been some productive discussions around what Engagement means and how points are to be allocated. To make it easier for the community around Tgrade, the Oversight Community has built a nice form to help let the Oversight Community know about Engagement activities.

It is a first for Proof of Engagement, and through the incentives for collaboration, it will be interesting to see how this evolves in practice. From discussions with a wide range of people interested in Tgrade, there is strong support.


There have, naturally, been questions around tokens and their availability. Much of the token supply is either vested or is held by Ocean Blue, the foundation behind Tgrade.

Once we launch, there are plans to create pairs on DEXs and provide liquidity. Additionally, we have been in discussions with a payment gateway provider who is building a service where you can buy TGD with your credit card. Finally, Ocean Blue will be open to discuss larger blocks of TGD as an over-the-counter (OTC) trade.

Building on Tgrade

I wrote an article on why build a business on Tgrade and how a business would go about it, and this is the main purpose of Tgrade. Tgrade is a special piece of infrastructure secured by Proof of Engagement, with the introduction of Trusted Circles to facilitate the creation of groups where the addresses are linked to identity. Why is that link important to businesses? I discuss this in an article on how Trusted Circles can be used in the institutional context and what this solves.

Figaro, Symbiotic, Blissful Living, and TerraVox are names that will become associated with Tgrade and are solving real-world problems in the last mile delivery, film finance, real estate with wellbeing at its core, and carbon recovery certificates.

There is a regulated stablecoin in stealth mode that is coming to Tgrade, and there have been conversations with regulated financial institutions around creating OTC platforms for professionals and even dark pools.

The real value of Tgrade is the businesses that grow and flourish on the robust infrastructure we have built, and this has been designed from inception to be decentralized in the structures, governance, and operations. The fully self-sovereign governance structures built on a robust blockchain gives businesses the environment to innovate.



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Martin Worner

Martin Worner

Growing Tgrade, a business focussed, public blockchain, which solves real world issues.