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Tgrade needs you!

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Tgrade is pioneering a new consensus mechanism, Proof of Engagement, which is founded on a written constitution. At the core of the Proof of Engagement is the community who are engaged with Tgrade and incentivised to be involved. In order to manage the rewards there is a self-sovereign Oversight Community who evaluate engagement and importantly tie engagement to a blockchain address to ensure that the person being rewarded actually did the activity claimed.

The powers of the Oversight Community are detailed in the constitution along with the procedural rule book which describes the mechanisms.

The constitution introduces the Arbiter Pool which is a self-sovereign group designed to be independent to the Oversight Community and offers dispute resolution and reasoned decisions where there are ambiguities in the constitution.

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Oversight Community

While the rule book and procedures are defined in the constitution there are many of the practical issues which have yet to be established. The way that the Oversight Community operates is left to the group, as a self-sovereign body, to determine, ensures its independence, and gives the group space to grow.

What needs to be done?

The word engagement is a broad term that the Cambridge Dictionary defines as the fact of being involved with something and the process of encouraging people to be interested in the work of an organization. The Tgrade community will define what engagement means over time and the values which surround engagement will change as Tgrade evolves.

The Oversight Community will play an important role in defining both what is meant by engagement and how it is assessed in the context of the total engagement, and this is likely to involve setting the engagement points as a ratio to other activities regarded as engagement.

There have been many discussions about what engagement in Tgrade means and there is a strong desire to have a nice table showing an activity and the number of engagement points allocated. While such a list would provide certainty to the process of allocating rewards and make it simpler for people in the community to know what efforts will be rewarded. The counter argument is that a definitive list provided to the Oversight Community erodes the self-sovereignty and risks centralisation.

The Oversight Community establishes a set of themes of what engagement means, encourages community discussion to get a wider input, and sets up the infrastructure to capture the information. A process needs building from identifying engagement, to assessment, validation and the governance process to allocate the engagement points.

One important process to establish is to connect the engagement activity with a blockchain address to which the engagement points are allocated. For example, if a blogger successfully grows the Tgrade community and is judged by the Oversight Community to have demonstrated engagement then it is important that the blogger is identified and their identity matched to a Tgrade address. There need to be safeguards in place to prevent other people claiming engagement points for work done by others.

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Arbiter Pool

The Arbiter Pool is a self-sovereign group designed to be independent from the Oversight Community and has two principal functions; dispute resolution, and to give clarity or guidance on the constitution through reasoned decisions.

This group will be of interest to people with a legal background who want to be involved in shaping blockchain constitutions.

The Arbiter Pool members will need to build processes around how to process the documentation relating to disputes, how to record decisions, what the composition of the group who manage dispute resolution, how many people are involved in reasoned decisions, and agree on the tools to communicate.

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How do I get involved?

Be a part of a new organisation from the start, help shape the processes, and get rewarded for your work!

Tgrade needs a diverse Oversight Community and members of the Arbiter Pool made up of people from all backgrounds, there are tools to manage the governance process that are being built, but there is much more to do.

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