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The importance of a written constitution in Tgrade

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Oversight Community

The Oversight Community is a self-sovereign community with the responsibility of overseeing the Engagement Rewards (ER) on a Proof of Engagement chain. There are mechanisms around adding, and removing members (both good and bad leavers). The committee members verify the identity of the address holders through off-chain verification which needs to be done in order that ER can be allocated.

Arbiter Pool

The role of the Arbiters is to make reasoned decisions where there are aspects of the constitution that need interpreting or clarifying. The decisions are held in a public repository and are used in future decision making and where appropriate feeds into any amendments to the constitution (which should be seen as a living document).

Why all this complexity? Could it not be simpler without all the committees?

The constitution has been written to make the governance as transparent as possible and to provide the governance mechanisms to support the blockchain, especially to meet the objectives of the Proof of Engagement mechanisms. The committees exist to bring in human judgement and interpretation to the constitution which will foster good decision making and avoid complexity in programming rules and game theory.

Interested in getting involved? Get in touch!

We need committee members for all of the committees to begin the road to the full self-sovereign governance model. We will be building the tooling to make it easy to take part and manage the governance processes, and will make announcements as and when the components are ready.



The foundation of Tgrade is a robust, secure, fully decentralized platform that offers the ability for self-sovereign groups to form and interact with each other.

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