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Th-Ink Queerly
A Queer Path to Human-Heartedness — By Darren Stehle
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There is nothing morally right or wrong about whom you love.

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Lachlan Smith on launching the world’s second-only LGBTQ+ cricket club.

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Is the acceptance of one’s personal responsibilities freedom?

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Think Queerly Podcast Interview with Lachlan Smith — TQ182

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Think Queerly Podcast — TQ182

Monica — Laura MONLart: Point of Inflection

Episode summary

How and why you need to be curious — Think Queerly Podcast: TQ181.

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Curiosity starts with asking questions.

Think Queerly Podcast Interview — TQ180

Jon Carl Lewis is on a mission to discover how healthy, sexual attitudes and expression can better integrate with one’s spiritual life and practices as a queer person.

In this episode of Think Queerly, I speak with Jon Carl Lewis, the founder of Sex and the Gay Christian. He is also one of my coaching clients.

Jon Carl Lewis Bio

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Th-Ink Queerly is back?


it’s taken me a long time to admit that the publication no longer meets my current and future needs. I have been too attached to what was, why I first created it, what it meant to me on an emotional level, and what I had hoped to accomplish. But, with any goal, it’s not about the goal itself, it’s about the journey towards what you planned to accomplish.

What’s Changed?

Musings on creativity, expectations, surrender, and trust in your purpose.

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