On a Meditative Walk in Nature This Is What I Experienced

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

On a meditative walk in nature, allowing myself to be present and let go of fear and worry, I felt the words rise from deep within,

“I am a non-spiritual messenger.”

I do not believe in a god or a higher power.

There may be an intelligence to the universe.

But the words, god or intelligence, are limited by our definitions and understanding.

The more we seek to understand, the more we realize how little we know.

The divine is found within

Our sense of meaning and purpose comes from within, like divining water for a well.

The water runs deep, present but not visible.

Sometimes I have moments of inspiration, but these are not the divine.

These are moments of in-sight, of seeing into myself.

Something I already knew is triggered by a thought or an external stimulus.

A connection is made, an old memory is revisited, reinterpreted, and understood anew.

Something that at one time meant one thing now takes on a greater, more profound meaning.

I walk the middle path, aware of the extremes

I cross the bridge, yet stand in the middle.

The stream flows forward at intersection with the bridge. How else could I cross the divide?

Aware of where I’ve come from, I see the path that follows forward.

We cannot see the future, but only one single step grounded in the present moment from whence we’ve come.

We all travel the same road

We are on different parts of the same path.

We are neither further ahead or farther behind any other.

We all are, at this moment, present.

Enlightenment is not a ritual

People look for enlightenment in the wrong places:

a book

a prayer

a chant

a mass

Enlightenment is eternal and of the void.

You feel it when you shine bright enough inside of your self to light the path previously unseen before you.

The way is

The way is one foot in front of the other.

Do you see the step you are taking?

Can you feel the impression of this moment? Heel to ground, your sole connecting, toeing off into the next step?

Each step is mindless repetition.

Observing the step is present moment practice.

Being requires oneness

“Who am I?”

It’s the question that defines us.

It’s the asking that makes us human.

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