THALER.ONE: A New Way To Enter The Global Real Estate Market

The real estate market plays a vital role in our daily lives.

Over $750 billion is invested annually in real estate and this number is forecast to grow to $1 trillion around 2020. It offers practically limitless growth opportunities, but has been monopolized by institutional investors to date.

Thaler.One is using blockchain technologies to change that — letting you diversify your crypto gains and benefit from the world’s largest asset class.

Real Estate: ready for change

There are still significant barriers that slow, and even stop, more capital flowing in to real estate. High entry ticket prices stop small investors from earning returns at the same level as the institutional participants. The process of investing still isn’t fully transparent. Legal issues surrounding property ownership remain a large obstacle for many investors and buyers because there are no guarantees.

The market is woefully inefficient.

Thaler.One has an infinitely scalable, secure and reliable platform to solve these market problems based on blockchain technology in the Ethereum ecosystem. Its platform helps people of any income level invest in real estate in the most cost-effective manner.

Thaler.One was founded by finance experts with significant experience in real estate, finance and technology. The company’s team consists of graduates from top business schools, all with decades of successful real estate management experience, including raising over $10 billion in investment funds. We are built to scale!

The company provides solutions to many legacy real estate issues:

● High volatility rates

● High entry barriers to investment

● Low revenue for smaller investors

● Geographical barriers to investments

● Lack of significant exposure to real estate opportunities

● Lack of transparency

● Legal issues surrounding property ownership

The main benefits of Thaler.One’s blockchain based platform are:

● Ability to invest globally without geographical barriers

● Speed of transactions

● Liquidity enabled by trade via crypto exchanges

● Trustless environment: permanent and secure ownership

● Low cost investment

● Low entry ticket

● Choice

Furthermore, larger holders of cryptocurrencies, fiat-based and individual investors can enjoy great advantages on the Thaler.One investment marketplace.

Crypto holders have the opportunity to diversify out of volatile assets by investing in tokens secured by physical real estate with strong downside protection of capital. Your investment and profits remain crypto, but pegged to the real world. Also, you can receive recurring profits from these underlying assets and the Thaler.One marketplace services.

Fiat investors can easily enter the crypto world with a liquid, reliable and easily convertible token in major cryptocurrencies and reap the benefits of the multiple opportunities offered by the Thaler.One platform to earn money through real estate and marketplace services. Additionally, they can hold unregulated financial instruments ideal for savings, and hedge against inflation and future means of payment.

All investors, anywhere in the world, enjoy low entry prices for real estate investing and easy access to global real estate — whether institutional or private. You can define your own investment risk-return strategy and receive stable income and capital appreciation.

Thaler.One promises full transparency and legal property ownership, where you share the returns from rental income, profits from sales and participation in construction projects and additional revenue from services offered on the platform.

As Thaler.One’s main goal is to cut out the “middleman” and give small investors the opportunity to buy real estate, the company has made tokens backed by tangible real estate assets using Ethereum smart contracts. This gives investors the chance to participate in early-stage deals, whether individually or together with other small investors in a fund managed by Thaler.One.

Thaler.One distributes digital units (Thaler tokens) called “Fund units” via a series of token sales. Using the profit from these Tokens, the user can purchase real estate assets for the Fund’s portfolio.

The Thaler.One tokens provide fully secured and transparent legal ownership of real estate assets. In addition, they give the investors the ultimate solution: the liquidity and ease of use of a modern digital securities combined with the proven intrinsic value of prime real estate assets. The tokens are based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard.

Thaler.One tokens provide holders with more flexibility in selecting specific properties for their portfolios that match their risk-reward profiles and giving them a proportional share of the income these properties generate.

Moreover, Thaler.One token holders, as investors in the Thaler.One ecosystem, receive investment returns from several sources, including the current yields from real estate assets in the portfolio, capital gains from the sale of properties and projects at higher values, revenue from “tokenization” of assets (in the initial real estate portfolio and from third-party owners) through issuing by Thaler.One.

In addition, it is quick, simple and inexpensive to buy Thaler.One tokens — a real contrast with real estate assets. There are no legal risks, and it can be done without intermediaries/brokers and without wasting time searching for special objects.

Thaler.One offers simplicity:

  1. Investors purchase Thaler.One tokens on a range of crypto exchanges and effectively become unitholders of the Thaler.One Fund.
  2. Proceeds from token sales are used to acquire real estate assets.
  3. Assets in the Fund are individually tokenized and partially resold to individual investors.
  4. Thaler.One tokens are traded on an internal or external exchange.
  5. More assets are tokenized as Thaler.One raises further funds and buys more properties.
  6. The marketplace grows as more individual assets are tokenized and traded.

Thaler.One democratizes real estate. The company wants to allow all investors and others to participate without fear, but with all the rewards. Through the Thaler.One platform, investors can earn returns from rental payments and asset value appreciation in the fund structure as well as from additional returns from services on the marketplace on the Thaler.One platform.

For more information visit our website and read our White Paper and One Pager.

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