Thaler.One — Reason to Exist

The upcoming Thaler.One token generation event (TGE) will not be the first attempt to link exciting new opportunities offered by blockchain technology with the proven value of owning ‘traditional’ commercial real estate. But it is the first instance when the means of investing via a unique blockchain platform has been developed by a an international team of finance, real estate, legal, IT and communications’ professionals with a proven track-record. To paraphrase the popular saying, “a blockchain is only as strong as its weakest link” — in the case of most so called ‘real estate ICO’s’ up to date less than qualified management and lack of real market expertise have been the main deterrent to the establishment of any truly successful blockchain-based real estate platform. The Thaler.One team is set on changing all of that — take the time to get acquainted with our profiles to see that we mean what we say.

For the vast majority of people real estate — whether leased, rented or mortgaged — will always be an expense item, while for a select group it serves as a steady source of income. Until recently the price of an ‘entry ticket’ to this privileged club of real estate investors was estimated to run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thaler.One will grant access to the international commercial property market to a new class of retail investors with a disposable income ranging from several thousand dollars. ‘Own real estate anywhere being where you are’ — that’s our sales pitch for the day. But what does it really mean?

Our first post on Medium was due to come out sometime in the beginning of October 2017 and was supposed to precede the Thaler.One TGE by a couple months. If someone had told us then that it would take nine months to set the date for the start of the sale of Thaler tokens my guess is that all of the members of our team would have been surprised, to say the least. But the further we ventured into the legalities, finances and pure logistics of setting up a viable platform that would have the potential to change not just how the real estate market works, but how it workes for you, the longer this road seemed to get. Along the way we were genuinely surprised by several ‘real estate ICO’ projects that had started soliciting funds without, it would seem, knowing the first thing about what they were doing, offering investors products and solutions that were half baked at best. For us it was clear that there would be no shortcuts.

Naturally the best investment idea anytime and anywhere is knowing the winning lottery numbers. Or the precise date and time that a bull market will turn around. But we all know that this is possible only in hindsight. Don’t get me wrong, our team doesn’t claim that big ideas can’t come from small beginnings. Yes, there are rookie startup teams with little experience, but a vision that has the potential to change the world. But that is exactly where venture investments and, more recently, crowdfunding come in: testing the feasibility of most of these new ideas requires tens to a few hundred thousand dollars at the most. And at this stage 9 out of 10 startups actually lose money with the founders moving on to other things. But with most ICO’s raising millions of dollars — without a workable business model or a marketable product — the cost of failure becomes unreasonable high. And as we all know that ‘nothing comes from nothing’ the brunt of these losses is borne by retail ‘average Joe’ backers who have a lot to lose and no other investments to make up for the loses. One can imagine that the fates of the greatest ‘startup garage’ companies, such as Apple and Microsoft would have turned out very differently if they were flushed with millions of dollars before Jobs and Wozniak put together the first Apple I or Gates and Allen finished writing the first line of MS DOS code.

To get this out of the way, here’s a disclaimer: We do not plan to make unsubstantiated offers for eye-popping returns, such as ten bucks on the dollar in a year’s time. Instead we offer a thoroughly developed business model that is guaranteed to turn a handsome profit for early-bird investors and be lucrative for all those who decide to join in on later stages as we develop, improve and expand our platform. For the sake of truth… yes, some businesses which are not ponzi schemes or drug cartels can show a 1000% profit, such is usually the case with purveyors of genuinely breakthrough, unseen-before technologies that can go on to create and later dominate their own field. Again, think Apple or Microsoft. But if you are set on investing into startups but do not know the ‘winning numbers’ in advance — and most of us definitely don’t — chances are that you would spread your funds evenly over ten or so projects nine of which will fail altogether. This is the norm for venture financing and, unsurprisingly, has been the statistic for all of last year’s ICO’s. So in the most likely scenario you will end up keeping your initial investment, at best. That is if you’re lucky to get at least one startup that will deliver on its promises.

Most technical innovation in the last hundred years or so has been aimed at opening up helpful technology initially available only to small and affluent minority to the general public. First with cars, airtravel, modern sanitation equipment and later with home appliances, personal computers, cameras and ultimately the stock market, cell phones and — yes.. — the Internet — this has been the overall trend. We think that making investing into real estate accessible to a class of investors both geographically and fiscally diverse will be no different — so, enters the blockchain. Don’t get us wrong, we’re no Robin Hoods, we have neither the aim nor the means to redistribute wealth on a revolutionary scale — there will always be those who cannot afford to invest into real estate even when offered a reduced-price entry ticket. Everyone and anyone will not wake up to find themselves owning property: Some will still lack the means, others will have other priorities. Most students will rent apartments, most new businesses will lease office space — and invest their energies and funds elsewhere. But we will definitely make real estate investments more accessible to the general public while making the these transactions profitable for all parties involved.

We are offering investors into Thaler.One the opportunity to take ownership of specific brick and mortar properties — no ‘virtual’ real estate-inspired ‘smoke and mirror’ schemes, misleading statements or false expectations with regards as to what is being offered in exchange for their common (AKA ‘fiat’) or crypto-currency. Thaler.One has established a transparent, legally-secure, tax-efficient real-world environment for all investors, regardless of their previous experience (or lack thereof) in cryptocurrency trading, country of origin or funds available. In order to achieve this we are venturing our own time, money and — of the uttermost importance — our reputation, a significant investment in its own right. The end result (*spoiler alert!*) will be the emergence of a new class of real estate owners reaping the concrete benefits of an efficient and profitable investment strategy.

In the following weeks and months we will publish new posts giving you some insight into our business platform as well as sharing our understanding of real estate and overall economic trends and ideas on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We invite you to explore our site, subscribe to our Medium blog, and Telegram channel, comment and ask questions! We are open to share our values… and the value of our business with all of you.