Love of Dollar

Early morning, Birds were flying on a background of clear blue sky ,sun is marching to India leaving US to moon, breeze is moving in slow pace its an perfect garden for morning walk and Yoga. at other side of the garden the laughing club people are making noise by their laughs.

After completing his morning walking routines Ramana a retired employee joined is fellow walkers and sat on the green grass. Did you saw this, Srinivas funeral will take place today at his native place, said Venkat an another senior citizen. He was shot dead 2 days back in US ,shooter was a navy veteran and he shouted GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY !!, Is it going worse in US? , Venkat looking at Ramana.

‘I spoke to my son yesterday , I’m worried about them. There were days I was walking with pride saying my son in US but not any more. I choose my family not the dollars..’ continued Ramana, In next few years my son will be an US citizen, my grand children are US citizens legally, but will US society accepts them as their Citizens? .

As per discussions,“The Racism is increasing among the people as they are jobless and unemployed are increasing in US.The fact is they are not skillful to fit in to the Jobs as our Indians. Companies hire people from India or other Asian countries as reason of profit margins.” . At this age all I can do is pray the Lord for their safety.

Place :Lancaster County, South Carolina,US. Time :11:30 PM

The business streets of Lancaster county was turning dark as the stores are closing their business, ghost silence is emerging on the dark street. Patel an owner of an Indian store closed his store 5 mins back and walking on the street to reach his Home, As he walking a Lady standing on the balcony of a five stair building staring at street. After a minutes she heard a gunshots, after recovering from shock she dialed 9–1–1.

Patel an Indian origin running an Store in Lancaster, a familiar face in his community was shot dead that night. It happened after 2 days of Kansas incident. It’s an example of intolerable people of US towards other countries.These incident shown the world the rise of Racism, intolerance and hate crime in US.

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