Sydney Storms

Challenging day today. Torrential rain storms flooded our garage and threatens to come into the house.

Above is the view from our front door at 2pm today. The levels have been rising steadily since.

Quick thinking by Walter this morning meant we moved books and bookshelves out of the garage just in time. Inside the house is a mess with books, CDs, DVDs, clothes strewn in an urgent mess.

I didn’t help that the evening news announced our suburb, Canley Vale among those that might be affected by evacuation. Luckily we’re not near the river so should be (fingers crossed) fine.

I’m exhausted, the adrenaline is finally wearing off.

Still we saved pretty much everything important and I’m sure others have it worse. If it gets inside, we’ll just have to move our stuff one more floor up.

I just pray the rain will ease. And I pray for others affect by it tonight.

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