We should look for patterns that aren’t there.

Photo: Hoach Le Dinh

My earliest memory of repeating a pattern was playing with a handful of Lego bricks. I tried to make a car. Then a black gun.

I wasn’t any good.

I get the basic shapes of a car, hood, cabin, doors, boot and four wheels. Putting them in a different arrangement would make it wrong, make it weird.

I get that. And then, I don’t.

Sure, functional stuff need to adhere to basic convention. Sure, somethings need a timetable and regulation. But there are so many more ways to construct life. Sometimes we need to mix it up a little. In love, friendship, work and even the daily commute.

Sometimes solutions are found by challenge and challenging. From a different perspective.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Einstein.

Does a car always need a driver. With streaming, do we need to own music?

Magic happens when you know when to stick to the path and when to look for patterns that aren’t there.

Originally published at thangngo.com.

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