Dinosaur Freak Out: Images from the Weirdest Museum I’ve ever Visited

As a father of two, I’ve been to a few.

Today, I visited a dinosaur museum with my five-year-old son. It was weird.

There was a mixture of fossil bones and dinosaur models throughout. This image gives a good sense of the way they were positioned.

There were striking images of dinosaur landscapes painted onto the walls.

I took this picture quickly. I didn’t want to be caught. I couldn’t work out what it was referring to. It’s an unpleasant phrase.

The upper level displayed troubling displays of how the local area may have appeared during dinosaur times. Like everyone was on drugs.

This display prompted a conversation I hadn’t expected in the dinosaur museum.

Jenny found some bones in 2013.

Poetry. About Ichthyosaurs. And evolution. My son wasn’t interested.

I think this is a model of an Ichthyosaur. Or a dolphin.

The most disturbing exhibit. It was an attempt to imagine what dinosaurs might have evolved into. My son thought it was an alien and wouldn’t be persuaded otherwise.

Outside, I asked my kid what he thought of the place. He gave the question some thought, before answering -

‘Good. Very good.’

As we walked back to the car, he asked me whether aliens had killed all the dinosaurs. I promised to Google it when we got home.

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