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A Home For Your Heart

Thank You Notes #21

Photo by José Luis Photographer from Pexels

Your heart is your home, and all roads lead to home- Gary Zukav

Dear Lovely Readers and Writers,

This past holiday weekend, I spent a lot of time working out in our garden. I learned great lessons through moving some plants to a better home.

Here in Oregon, we went through two heatwaves. It has been a dry summer, and our back yard is in full sun most of the day.

Many plants needed a better place to grow.

My small blueberry bushes and perennial flowers yearned for a place to set down their roots and rest for the winter.

I found some places with dappled sunlight, and companion plants for friendship. This was the perfect home.

As I moved them, tucked them into their earthly home, and watered them in, I felt a deep hope in my heart.

They, like us, are always looking for the best home for our hearts. We long for a place where we feel welcome, connected, and understood.

It is a home where we have everything we need to thrive.

A true home for me means that you can be your true self. You can feel safe sharing your heart and create a space for everyone to nurture each other in daily growth.

What does home mean to you?

This week’s theme is:

A story, essay, or poem about where you feel most at home. It can be a place you traveled to, your own home, or a special sanctuary where your heart feels free.

An Exciting Announcement From Your Loving Editor Trista Signe Ainsworth

I wanted to share that I am now ready to write my first book!

In the past 18 months, I have focused on honing my writing craft. I am grateful to each of you for helping me with that goal by supporting my work.

Now, I am ready to take the next step.

Letters From Your Inner Being will be my first book, from my heart to yours.

My hope is to spread love and encouragement to all of you from its pages. If you have any helpful advice along the way, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for being a guiding light on my path!

Today we are celebrating 189 followers!

Thank you for your support and for helping us grow!

Let us welcome our new writers this week:

Dee S White

Deborah Barchi

Sharing Randomly

Nancy Blackman

This week our writers delighted us with stories and poems of appreciation:

Ija Mei wrote about how her ideal day is a day where she is alone in a beautiful, quiet place. I loved reading about how she discovered what was right for her. You will delight in reading this piece. Thank you, Ija, for sharing this lovely story with us!

Mulan wrote about her appreciation for living in a peaceful place. She is very grateful to live in an area that is not torn by war or strife. I love how she points out how places have learned from war, and transformed into peaceful countries. Thank you, Mulan, for sharing your appreciation and experiences with us!

Kris Bedenian wrote two beautiful essays this week. Her first one is a personal story about how she and her husband learned to value play over work in their cancer journeys. They now appreciate the gifts of everyday living. Her second piece is about giving grace to those re-entering the world after lockdown. Thank you, Kris, for writing with your heart and sharing your loving stories.

Sharing Randomly shared her joy at achieving 100 followers on Medium this week. We are so proud of you and look forward to following you on your writing journey. Thank you, Sharing Randomly, for sharing your appreciation with Thank You Notes!

Chrissie Morris Brady Ph.D. wrote a beautiful note to the gardener who helped tidy her garden and keep it looking lovely while she is battling health issues. Chrissie, thank you for sharing your heart in this story. We wish you all the best, every day.

B.R. Shenoy wrote a stunning piece on her experience at a butterfly garden. I learned a lot about how amazing butterflies are by reading her piece. Thank you, B.R., for sharing the beauty of your summer experience with Thank You Notes!

Pene Hodge wrote a sweet note of appreciation for her wonderful daughter on her birthday. She is growing up fast, and will soon go off to college. These are times to treasure together. Thank you, Pene, for sharing your love of your daughter with us at Thank You Notes!

Ellie Jacobson wrote a beautiful essay about the day she took for herself when her sons went back to school recently. You will love all of the details and love that went into this story. Thank you, Ellie, for sharing your emotions with us as you move into a new phase this year.

Sanjit Sengupta wrote a poem of appreciation for Berkeley, California, a place he treasures. You will get to know why he loves this area so much through his poem. Thank you, Sanjit, for sharing your gratitude with us here at Thank You Notes!

Juana Flor shared the lovely day she spent with her husband and son riding bikes in Toronto, Canada. Her story highlights everything they experienced that day, and why she is grateful for that time together. Thank you, Juana, for sharing your day with us through your essay!

Trista Signe Ainsworth wrote a loving letter to you from your inner being. There is love for all of us if we look within. Thank you for reading all of our pieces this week here at Thank You Notes. I appreciate you!



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Trista Signe Ainsworth

I write stories of love and encouragement from my heart to yours.