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Thank You Notes

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A Surprise for a Writer at Supper?

How often does this happen fellow creatives?

Photo of author with pig tails wrapped in little buns, a green jacket, colorful, large-striped scarf, and royal blue dress replete with prints of peacock feathers. There’s a beige sun shade to her right, and behind her large trees and mountains.
Author, photo by Esther Bradley DeTally

I didn’t know that tonight would be special. What a surprise would be awaiting me at the dinner table.

I sit down with one friend to the left and two across the oblong table, still a bit awkward as I’m rather new to this group, having moved to this town…




Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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Goal: Ignite your heart, soul, and laughter with humorous, spiritual, psychologically healing stories informed by service as a clinical social worker 30 years.

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