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An Ode To David Perlmutter

With Gratitude

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

If you’ve been on Medium for any length of time, I am pretty sure you’ve
crossed paths with David Perlmutter’s highlighter. He has probably highlighted your posts and maybe even (gasp!) commented.

I know he’s been supporting me for months now and here’s my attempt to appreciate him. In a sense, David is my best friend on Medium considering that he has never missed a single post since we “met”. And he has also traveled back in time and read some old posts as well. What a wonderful connection without even exchanging words!

David is a brilliant writer and I strongly urge you to please go visit his profile and browse his posts. He’s an author and you can find his books on Amazon.

Now, my tribute, if I may. ❤

There’s an omnipresent angel called David Perlmutter
He hardly comments, rarely a word does he utter
Clearly, highlights matter more than a word
Actions speak louder, as you’ve probably heard

Highlighting almost every word every para
He’s the genie of the Medium era
No sooner does one publish
He’s there . . . soonish

His special power is to highlight
Making every line in a post shine bright
He’s like the city that will just not sleep
He’s always zooming around in his virtual jeep

Other writers have written about him
His light blazes on — it is anything but dim
Quietly moving, his wonders to perform
For David, kindness is definitely the norm

If there were a highlighting contest
And your skills were put to the test
Don’t look too far to see who’s the best
‘Coz our David — he is way above the rest

If you just published a story and thought, oh good
You can rest assured that David’s in the ’hood
Not later, not tomorrow but right now, today
He’s the one who keeps the crickets at bay (yay!)

You cannot escape David’s radar
No matter where you are, near or far
Our David — he is a real star
No matter how high you set the bar

As a writer he’s fantastic
Go visit his profile, take your pick
A finalist in the Vocal fiction competition
Clearly, he is someone on a mission

If you’re puzzled that you still haven’t met
He’ll highlight your story soon enough, I’ll bet!
There is no reason or rhyme
It’s just a matter of time

So, thank you, dear David
For generously highlighting the beginning, end, and mid
And covering almost the entire Medium post grid
Before we can even bat an eyelid

Like Ben Adhem of Leigh Hunt’s poem
Our dear David is a real gem
A great example he does set
Do follow his lead, if you haven’t yet.

Thank you, David! May your tribe increase.




Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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