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Thank You Notes

Fond Memories From Our First COVID Lockdown

When we got ‘stuck’ with our 3 young sons 24/7 for six weeks

Drawn and photographed by the author in 2020

I chuckled to myself when I saw this photo reappear through my Facebook memories from two years ago. In April 2020, we had our first COVID lockdown, known as the ‘Circuit-Breaker’, in Singapore.




Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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Bingz Huang

Founder and Editor for Gentleness Ambassadors. Human Design Coach, Intuitive Healer, and I dance for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. ✨

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