Thank You Notes
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Thank You Notes

Ghosts of Christmas Cookies Past

Reflecting on what’s really in the batter.

Photo by Nicholas Safran on Unsplash

I suggested we organize a Christmas cookie exchange at work. Not at all because I like to bake, but purely because I love to have a wide array of cookies to place on my favorite holiday platter each year.

Staring at my “to do” list and wondering how I was ever going to get everything accomplished over the next…




Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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Susan Poole

Susan Poole

Mother, lawyer, nonprofit executive, breast cancer survivor, and aspiring author. Recently left her day-job to write about topics that she’s passionate about.

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