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Launching Into Joy

Thank You Notes #10

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Dear Lovely Readers and Writers,

On this, the first official day of summer here in Oregon, I want to welcome you to days of pure joy and delight.

Thursday last week was my son’s last day of online school. We watched the goodbye videos and the talent show together and had fun reflecting on this remarkable school year.

My son’s first year in middle school was entirely online, and I am so in awe of how well he handled everything in stride.

My son is one of my best teachers, and last week he taught me how to jump into joy.

As soon as school was over, he ran outside and got our little pool out. It is a small pool that needs to be inflated and filled with water. He was so enthusiastic about getting his summer started!

We worked together to scrub and clean the pool, fill it with water and begin our summer adventures out in the backyard.

Soon he will have his first playdate with a friend in over a year. To say he is ecstatic is an understatement. I just love the pure joy radiating from him.

Those times sitting out by the pool while he has fun splashing around are full of wonder and love.

As we launch into joy this week at Thank You Notes, I thank each one of you for your beautiful writing, support, and love. It radiates through every word shared here.

This week I would like to welcome our new writers. Thank you for joining our beautiful family here at Thank You Notes!

Donna Brown

Love, Anna

Ellie Jacobson

B.R. Shenoy

We look forward to more of your stories, poems, and notes!

This week’s theme is all about launching into joy and summer fun. Share your stories of joy this season.

We have been blessed by so many beautiful poems, notes, and stories of gratitude and love this week at Thank You Notes. Thank you all for contributing to our joy.

I present to you all of the beautiful offerings this week:

jenine bsharah baines shared a heartfelt and beautiful set of limericks in gratitude for her healing process and her therapist helping her on this journey in life. I loved the tone and beauty of this piece as Jenine shares a part of her heart with us. Thank you, Jenine, for being such a beautiful soul, and sharing your moments with us.

Dr. Preeti Singh shared a wonderful story of friendship and hope about a town in Canada that helped in the wake of 9/11 in the year 2001. I love that she shared her personal take on these beautiful people that she visited in Canada, their loving response to the tragedy, and how there is hope and joy in humanity. Thank you, Dr. Preeti, for sharing a story that touches all of our hearts.

Kris Bedenian

Wrote four beautiful pieces this week. The first one is about her son getting his first professional haircut after lockdown. What a beautiful piece about love and gratitude! Her second piece is in appreciation for a vacation in Florida, orange juice, and sunshine. What a lovely combination! Her third piece is about a lovely Florida treat that happens to be one of my favorites as well- yum! Her last piece comes straight from the heart about her father on father’s day. Thank you, Kris, for sharing your true heart with us on the page this week!

Donna Brown wrote a loving piece to our world and universe creator with her heartfelt and beautiful note. I loved how beautiful and generous you are with your love and gratitude in this piece. Thank you, Donna, for offering up this lovely note as your first contribution to Thank You Notes!

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) wrote a loving piece to herself and her heart with an amazing poem. This poem really shines with gratitude for all that she has been through in her life, and how those experiences have shaped her. Thank you, Manali for this beautiful poem!

Fiza Ameen wrote a stunning poem showing a love of nature and rain. I could feel the freshness in the air as I read this poem. It refreshes the air, heart, and soul. Thank you, Fiza for writing this lovely piece to share with all of us!

Annick Batamuliza wrote a beautiful piece on rain and nature refreshing itself. This piece spoke to me, as I love nature too. I am always in awe of your beautiful work, Annick. Thank you for sharing your love of the outdoors with us in this piece!

Trista Signe Ainsworth wrote a loving note to all human beings, letting them know that they are deeply loved by the universe. Sometimes we go through difficult journeys, and those are meant to help shape our lives. We are loved through each step on the path.

Thank you, dear writers, for providing such amazing stories and poems this week!

Celebrating all of our writers here at Thank You Notes:

Yana Bostongirl, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, Tree Langdon, Annelise Lords, Sahil Patel, Susan Poole, Sanjit Sengupta, Dr. Preeti Singh, Gurpreet Dhariwal, Noorain Hassan, BMS, Love, Anna, Lanu Pitan, Annick Batamuliza, Katie Michaelson, John C. Davis, jenine bsharah baines, Indubala Kachhawa, Humaira Iqbal, Fiza Ameen, Carolyn Hastings, VIRGO, Kris Bedenian, Bhavna Narula, Bob Jasper, Desiree Driesenaar, Elle How, Ellie Jacobson, Aurora Eliam, CMP, Ashley Nicole, Anthony O'Dugan, A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai), Adelia Ritchie, Amy Marley, Shivi Puri, Neha Sandhir S, Brajendra Kumar



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