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Thank You Notes News #2

Appreciation For Our Writers

Photo by Akshar Dave from Pexels

Dear Lovely Readers and Writers,

It is with so much joy that I write to you today. It is our second week at Thank You Notes! What a thrill it has been to add writers, receive and publish beautiful stories and poems.

I feel like the luckiest person of all in this space of appreciation and co-creation. It feels like family here at Thank You Notes, and we experience all of the love in our hearts.

It has been so much fun to receive submissions for our first prompt already. We are working on stories, articles, and poems until May 31st, 2021, for the prompt:

Thank You Note To A Teacher

We also always have the following sections as ongoing prompts for you to explore:

Notes: These can be photos and stories of handwritten or digital thank you notes you have received that have touched your heart. They can also be ones that you decided to write to others.

Universe: These stories or poems give appreciation to our universe, galaxy, stars, and space.

Spiritual: These stories or poems thank a higher power in our lives. We may thank life, the universe, the spirit, or God for what we have been given in our lives.

Poetry: This category features poems written to say thank you in a variety of ways. Poetry may cross over into other sections as well.

Humanity: This category spotlights people we want to thank from our past, present, and future. They can be people in our lives or people we imagine. There are so many beautiful humans out there touching our lives and helping us. Stories and poems here focus on appreciating others.

Earth: This category focuses on Mother Earth and nature. We are thankful to the Earth for the gifts we are given of air, water, and sunlight every day. Stories and poems featured here give thanks to our home planet.

Food: This category features appreciation for the food and drinks we are gifted daily to nourish us. I welcome thank you poems or stories about food that are appreciative in nature. You can write about and share recipes, especially ones handed down through your family, for which you are very grateful.

We have welcomed several new writers over the past week, and today we can also celebrate these beautiful submissions to Thank You Notes.

I invite you to support these writers on their journeys as we all work together towards a positive world of appreciation.

Here are beautiful pieces about teachers in our lives:

This one is by Tree Langdon. She remembers a teacher who helped her soar to new heights towards a new career. Thank you, Tree, for this lovely story!

This note of appreciation is by Dr. Preeti Singh. She thanks her elocution teacher from long ago for her kindness. Thank you, Dr. Preeti, for this amazing story!

This thank you note is to a high school teacher by Bob Jasper. He is still inspired to write by remembering this special instructor. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your beautiful story with us.

Here is our first poem:

This beautiful poem is an ode of appreciation to a garden plant. Thank you so much, jenine bsharah baines for gracing our pages with your lovely work. We appreciate you!

Here are other beautiful Thank You Notes to people in our lives and the world around us:

This lovely note of thanks by Brajendra was written in thanks to Dr. Preeti Singh for her encouragement of his writing. What a beautiful tribute! Thank you, Brajendra!

This amazing note was written by Gurpreet Dhariwal to all of her friends for their support while she was sick this past week. We love and appreciate you Gurpreet and we are so glad you are feeling better.

This lovely note was written by Ashley Nicole about a lovely woman who was kind to her and her husband in a grocery store at the beginning of the pandemic. What an appreciative and beautiful story! Thank you, Ashley!

This beautiful poem written in thanks to all women was written by Katie Michaelson. I love her words of appreciation written so beautifully here. Thank you, Katie!

Here is a thank you note I, Trista Signe Ainsworth wrote to the universe for all of life itself. I am always in awe of all that we are given. Thank you!

I look forward to another week of appreciation, co-creation, and connection here at Thank You Notes!

Thank you to our beautiful writers for inspiring us all every day:

Gurpreet Dhariwal, Amy Marley, Tree Langdon, Katie Michaelson, Bob Jasper, Ashley Nicole, Dr. Preeti Singh, Brajendra, jenine bsharah baines, Yana Bostongirl, Humaira Iqbal, Tony Young, Jr., Desiree Driesenaar, Carolyn Hastings, Elle How, Niru, Michele Thill, Vishnu*s Virtues, Joe Luca, Charlotte Zobeir Ali, Rebecca Romanelli, Melissa Bee, Karen Madej, Noma Dek, Annelise Lords, Henery X, Aurora Eliam, CMP, Lanu Pitan, Annick Batamuliza, Noorain Hassan, BMS, Kris Bedenian



Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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Trista Signe Ainsworth

I write stories of love and encouragement from my heart to yours.