The Shining Light of Life in the Trees

The life essence of the leaf is pulsing through your veins too

John C. Davis
Thank You Notes
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2 min readNov 2, 2022


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

From the paintbrush of God comes the beauty of the trees.

With their red, orange, yellow, and pink hues the magnificence of creation is made known.

Within each leaf comes the marking of another season, the turning from the activity of summer to the rest of winter.

Knowing the rest is coming, the leaves show themselves in a display of joy. Celebrating the life of summer, the leaves cannot but help burst into song.

Yes. It’s a celebration. It’s a celebration for having lived another vibrant season. It’s a celebration for surviving the heat of the sun. It’s an expression of gratitude for the trees that created them and the birds and other creatures that depend on their branches.

If you look closely enough, you will feel it too. You will feel the gratitude within each vein. Gratitude that they were given life.

Imagine if we could do the same. Imagine if we could feel that gratitude pulsing through our own veins.

The truth is that the lifeblood of the leaves, the very essence that creates them, is pulsing through your heart right now.

Water created the trees, the trees created the leaves, and the leaves created the oxygen that we breathe. Without the leaf, our life would not exist.

Take a breath.

Now take a very deep breath.

Do you see the magnificence of the leaf? Do you understand how it gives you life? Do you see the brilliant life force pulsing through your hands, your feet, your mind, and your entire body?

Now imagine the leaf again. Do you have more gratitude in your heart for its existence? Do you now understand that you are one with the leaf?

Do you now understand that you are one with all of life?

The next time you see a beautiful leaf pick it up. Touch it. Examine it. Bring it close to your heart. Thank it for the life it gives you.

The leaf has done its job. It grew, turned a beautiful color, and then dropped to the ground. It now becomes the fertile seed for the next tree.

And so, the circle of life continues.

I picked up one leaf today and remembered that I am one with all.

I’m grateful, and I am blessed.

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