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Gratitude | Time — Day 2 Isolation

Why The Time In Isolation Centre Is A Huge Blessing For Me

A most needed break perhaps I did not notice…

Treasured Time in Isolation Centre — How I Managed My Time being a covid19 suspect case
Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

Describe what it feels like to be asthmatic? The goldfish is a good example. It gasped for oxygen to breathe being out of water. The same for asthmatic.

But, it wasn’t asthma that led me isolated. The PCR test result was positive for traces of Covid19. Thus, I am segregated from people. It is the 2nd day in Isolation. Fortunately, I had my laptop here.

Being chosen for this sounds crazy, but a blessing to me. My body needed the rest. I had been pushing beyond its limits. My chest was breathing heavily. My mind said to push on. It was a challenge of mind over body. My body said stop!

It was frustrating when 1 thing led to another. But in the mid of it, I fell unwell. And finally, I saw it coming. Covid19 positive. Isolation. However, I find my Isolation days are going to be a huge blessing.

1Time alone with another patient in recovery

I got my time alone with another covid19 positive. Our document stated we are suspect cases. We made up of 1k cases reported for the day. Our 2-vaccinations did wonders. I thanked God for that. I slept well without distractions and disturbances.

Although I am not alone, the least I am with a stranger. It is better than being with family or relatives. They are filled with so many past frictions way before I was born. Those hates and blames they had for one another are none of my business. Hearing them repeating stories of the past made me tired.

Leave the old generations’ issues to the elderly to settle themselves. We are not a garbage can or their vomit thrash avenue. We want peace.

2Give attention to myself and what I had to do after the project's contract

My email dustbin was 600? The inbox was 60? My handphone was filled with too much junk. Videos and photos downloaded from telegrams and WhatsApp by default. Those are the 2-apps I detest most.

Finally, I caught up with writing. Last two weeks, I submitted my completed drafts to publications. Despite the writings published, I did not show up daily! I was busy running around facilitating the will of a deceased, and figuring out what I needed to investigate.

The challenge came at the emotional rub from every corner. We got to be strong and distinguish between emotion and our daily life. We got to carry on doing what we need daily. I almost couldn’t write anything here, not even my drafts.

But right now, my emails are either cleared or kept under their respective folders for follow-up. Neat and tidy. More organized.

3Catch up with rest and read a book

As my roommate, we look forward to using this time to rest. I brought 1 book which I had not started reading since it got delivered to my doorstep.

There is nothing else I can do except to read, do a bit of research, and rest. And this is the ultimate moment for me to savor on the blessing of time. I could pray without people’s busybody poking their nose into asking why I needed to cry in my prayers.

My roommate is a non-Muslim. She did not even probe into why I cried in my prayers. We laughed at how we felt blessed. She shared how she told her mom that it must have been God's arrangement as she had not rested for a long time. It is a much-needed break.

4Revising my language lesson without disturbance

In 10-days, I have ample time to revise my Turkish language which I had missed since last week. The start of the 2nd semester was not on the right note. It was during a brawl and I have forgotten about the lesson not till an hour later.

Lucky for me the 1st lesson was a revision. But not being able to sit through last week was heartache. Always give your best in learning because not everyone can do it. Not everyone has the strong will to pull through.

5Discover how people around me responded reveals their true self

The moment I knew I was going into Isolation, I was already tired and moody. My mind was blank. I followed the instructions given in the ministry’s message.

The packing list. The waiting for transport to come and fetch me to the isolation center. And putting up with my mom's constant old style of bargaining anything she can do like bargaining at the fish market.

I got frustrated more. While waiting, I had no appetite. I swallowed plain bread with a little margarine spread. My head was thinking of who the covid19 roommate was.

Scrolling through the contact list, the 1st person I notified was a scholar. He is from Lebanon.

Distance didn’t matter when our hearts are together. What made me strong to face all these? It was his words that were very comforting and I could sense the sincerity.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t think about the illness. You will not die unless God permits it. You will stand strong. Don’t worry. I am with you.” — Shaykh Mohamed Bilal bin Shaykh Mohamed Dalal (Lubnan/Lebanon)

Yes, he has been with me. In the last photo, he was in tears. You may know a lot of people but the quality ones are a few. Those are the true ones. There is nobody to stop me from reading my litanies and prayers. There is nobody to disturb me about my meditations and chants. Nobody interrupts me from writing too.

The daily work flows smoothly.

I am given this time in isolation. I am given abundant energy after catching up with good rest and sleep. I learned a lot from the abrupt halt of my activities or those that needed my attention and energy.

There is a time for everything.

Nobody can enforce anything upon me to be at their expectation too. If anyone wants the Will fast, they should take over my appointment as the Executor. Period.

Lord, I thank You for this abrupt moment of rest. This is my treasured time. For myself first. Amin.

I would like to recommend you my mentor’s article. While I am going through a round of frustration and emotional rub, he experienced other challenges. Take a break. We see things from a better perspective. Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀

I would like you to also read about another mentor who I followed closely. His article came in a nick of time to describe what I felt like initially on my 1st day — breathless and exhausted. Dr. Mehmet Yildiz 🌹

Treasure the life you are given. I did not leave the house and seldom was outside. But, I had Covid19 positive traces and was isolated too. Live as if it is your last. 💌




Thank you notes aims to acknowledge and recognize the gifts large and small that life, the universe and all humans around us bring to our existence here on Earth. We thank them for their time, the contributions and their joy.

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