Seeing the progress, I appreciate the blessings I have

Life has not always been this good for me. Friends and family see me as I am today. They don’t know that my life was not always this good.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I always did, but for years I didn’t know it.

For most of my life I did not appreciate the beautiful spirit that has always been inside of me. I didn’t know that I had this light of love that wanted to come out.

I hid this light with anger, bitterness, blaming, and a painful assortment of other maladaptive behaviors. Those behaviors didn’t…

Not all Superheroes Wear Capes

This thank-you note is for those folks who do kind things for moms. Not moms they know, but random moms they come across.

Mothers have to put up a lot what with the mommy wars, mommy shaming, bias against women, and all the general disservice to mothers. Parenting is hard by itself without adding these layers of challenge levels.

As a person who has firsthand encountered strangers being kind to me, with no expectations or even a pause for receiving a heartfelt thanks and has heard of other moms also receiving such lovely experiences; I…

A Place Of Appreciation

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

Appreciation of others is such a beautiful gift. I am so thankful for all of the people I have met so far here on Medium. They have become dear friends and family to me during this past year.

I wanted to create a place of gratitude and positivity online. Thank You Notes is the place to thank life, the universe, and those who have helped you in your life.

Creating a publication is a new endeavor for me. Soon I will…


A thank you with love and affection to Trista who trusted me

This is a picture of my friend Trista and her family. How I love Trista. She reposed confidence and trust in me.

A few days ago, she asked for help as she was going on a short vacation with her family and I offered to help her. She wrote back asking me if I could do her newsletter too.

Trista is so sweet. She has so much trust in me. It was a moment that I did not even think. I was dazed. I gushed with the kind of love that she gave me and asked me to write her…

Let your creativity bloom.

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Little did I know, the day I wrote my first Haiku on a seed packet, it would lead me down a path of healing and creativity. What’s next? I can either ignore it or choose to nurture this gift. I have decided to encourage it. Get ready to watch it bloom.

I have been writing articles on a diversity of topics. Who knew poetry was in the works? I didn’t even know that I would like to write these poems. I have written over 365 recently. …


Thank You Notes #15

“The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.” — Norman Vincent Peale.

Dear Readers and Writers,

First of all, let me tell you all that I am writing this newsletter of Thank You Notes on behalf of our beautiful and lovely Trista Signe Ainsworth who is on a vacation and entrusted me with writing it.

She has a wonderful style of her own and I am just filling in so if I make any mistakes please do forgive me.

Let me begin by thanking you dear Trista for trusting me to write…

My manager was the best ever

My very first employment began the year I turned seventeen.

The school was out for the summer and my mom said I needed to get a job.

Since I loved to read but had no prior work experience I searched and found my job through an employment agency.

I began working for a major newspaper company as a proofreader. I was not exactly thrilled as I would much rather have been a journalist, but I was earning money.

Journalism probably would not have worked out well as I was very introverted and sheltered at that stage of my life.


An Abode of peace and calm

A blonde wearing blue leggings ad olive jacket, girl sitting cross legged and knees up on the left boundary wall of a water fountain. She is looking on the left away from the water fountain. Her hair is open.
A blonde wearing blue leggings ad olive jacket, girl sitting cross legged and knees up on the left boundary wall of a water fountain. She is looking on the left away from the water fountain. Her hair is open.

There’s a fountain in my backyard.
It springs to life every night.
And, sings to me like a bard.
The symphony of pitter-patter,

from the water, into the water.
Washes away the worldly facade,
and let nature play its heavenly card.

It converges all energy in it’s root,
then directs an upward commute.
From the plinth,
to the zenith.
On a divine rhythmic route,
Up there it equally sprouts.
Which was its pious pursuit, all throughout,
to rise from the source, and merge into the source

It makes me believe in myself and strive for better

I remember how I was struggling last year to get at least one thing in life where I can be creative and be myself and express myself freely especially my thoughts and feelings without being judged by anyone.

I was a little envious of the people around me who had at least one creative hobby in their life which they can pursue in their free time and feel good about it.

Every person has some sort of creativity; sometimes it is well known to them and sometimes it is hidden. …


Prompt: Gratitude and love for seeing the light in situations.

The planned power outage was imminent. I missed the cue, the synchronous sign, and misread the interruption to be 5 long hours of disruption. Stress fueled my need to get everything done—before the lights went out.

Rushing through breakfast, I skipped meditation, walking, and grounding outdoors by telling myself I could make up for it later.

But when later arrived, the pile-up of hectic workdays, late nights, commitments, Covid updates, and restrictions left me anxious and disconnected.

Had I seen the light in the situation, there was good value in accepting the power out and going with the flow. …

Thank You Notes

Thanking Life, The Universe and Those Around Us for The Beauty They Bring Us

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