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“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

Appreciation of others is such a beautiful gift. I am so thankful for all of the people I have met so far here on Medium. They have become dear friends and family to me during this past year.

I wanted to create a place of gratitude and positivity online. Thank You Notes is the place to thank life, the universe, and those who have helped you in your life.

Creating a publication is a new endeavor for me. Soon I will…

The rhythm of falling rain and scenes after it captures my heart soothes my soul.

I remember my childhood days,
In the rain and sun rays

The days when the rain came,
I always had a wonderful game

The serenity of the ocean and trees
The scene after rain and the breeze

The stillness of life with the rain,
The purity of nature once again

The end of rain and the rainbow,
Reminds me of life bestow

Whether life has storms or rains,
It would never end up in strains

The rain made everyone’s day
By lifting moods and the play

By bringing peace and delight
For the soul, and intellect

Oh rain, dear rain!

We made it

Thank you,

Dear heart,

For not letting me make decisions based on rationale.

Thank you,

Dear brain,

For not letting me make decisions based on sentiments.

Thank you,

Dear eyes,

For seeing things as they are and learning the difference between real and fake.

Thank you,

Dear hands,

For holding on to things that matter and letting go of things that didn’t.

Thank you,

Dear legs,

For standing firm in your position when required and walking away from situations that pulled me down.

Thank you,

Dear shoulders,

For carrying the load, literal and otherwise.

Thank you,

Dear ears,

For teaching…


What I have I get from you

I know that you are called by many things. You are called the universe, you are called Mother Earth, you are called Jehovah, you are called Allah, and you are called God.

For me, you are the Creator of All Things Created and I am grateful for all your creation and all that you have given me.

I thank you for this beautiful blue ball upon which we live. I give thanks for the intricacies of the systems you put in place. How each star and planet is hung by its balance with the other stars and planets around it…

It’s harder for some of us to get a haircut than others.

Teenager looking at sunset
Teenager looking at sunset

My Story

Hair is an identity factor. My son has always kept his hair short and neat until Covid-19 hit. As we all went on lockdown, the haircuts stopped.

I’m not sure if he went on strike because he had watched both my husband and I lose our hair in 2020 from cancer.

Regardless of the reason, his haircuts have never gone so well. I’m hoping this time has a better ending.

As a mom who has lost her hair, I empathize when a haircut doesn’t turn out, or you want it a certain way, but others don’t understand or approve.



Their kindness will forever be remembered I learned in my travel to Newfoundland

My visit to Newfoundland

I was invited to Memorial University, Grenfell Campus in March 2018 to be a keynote speaker there at an international seminar on women entrepreneurs.

Memorial University has two campuses. St. Johns is the main campus and the smaller campus is at Grenfell.

The university’s Grenfell campus is known for its environmental and fine arts programs. Memorial University has 125 exchange programs in around 40 countries. It has many international students and faculty members.

The people in the university that I met and some others were very warm and friendly. I did not feel like an outsider at all. …

two (sort of) limericks

Thank you, Leslie

There once was a gal named Jen,
continually asking her shrink, WHEN?
When will the clouds go away?
Promise this stark forecast won’t forever stay.
When WILL I dance with the sun again?

You MUST trust the process, Leslie said.
Stop forcing things so hard in your head.
Your heart is the key
Let it sing with Paul Let It Be!
And, now, wow, I’ve Two-stepped from the dead!

©Jenine Bsharah Baines 2021

When I read Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)’s limerick, Make Limerick Love Not War, I knew I needed to write these two (sort of) limericks.

Thank You Notes #9

“The rainbow in your soul is born out of the storms in your world.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Dear Lovely Readers and Writers,

Today as I write this, drops of rain are coming down at a steady pace outside. Here in Oregon, we call it liquid sunshine, as it rains a lot here.

I am always deeply grateful for the rain, as it brings life.

I love rainy days and storms because they bring us time to slow down, reflect and go within to discover the rainbow of beauty within ourselves.

Outside at this moment, everything is a wonderland of deep…

Thank you mum’ ❤

Starting by thanking my dearest Trista Signe Ainsworth for creating this publication and adding me as a writer. When I read the aim of your publication I immediately felt I’d be able to contribute somehow. Thankfulness is something I value highly and that I believe to be simple yet so powerful in our lives.

I dedicate this first note to the one person I am the most grateful to on this earth: my queen mother.

Not only am I grateful to her — and God, for every single breath I take. …

A poem for my biggest inspiration!

I am what I am because of you
You stay with me all the time
I do what I do because of you
You come to help me all the time

I believe there is a way to go,
I believe in the power of writing
I believe there is something to do,
I believe in the power of you.

Every time I note a new entry,
Hope sparks for more ideas
Every time I see you,
Inspiration arises by front page quotes

Every time I’m out of ideas
Some page of you comes my way
Every time I’m forgetting something
You come…

Thank You Notes

Thanking Life, The Universe and Those Around Us for The Beauty They Bring Us

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