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RE:POWERED //by.Yasin

Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash

Meet Yasin and find out how his unique crafts re:power his local economy.

Driven by Sustainability: He sources wood and metal from abandoned industrial sites. Because what has been left and forgotten by others, he crafts into something new and memorable, while rethinking sustainability.

Committed to Inclusion: He sources his hammers and chisels from local home improvement stores. Because his local community is all he needs to make his art a reality.

Built on Diversity: He finds ideas and styles that mix both pop culture and futurism. Because by blending new styles and rare concepts he brings new ideas to the forefront of art and creativity.

Passionate about Education: He loves sharing insights behind his creative process. Because by teaching and answering questions he builds new useful definitions that drive his perpetual sharing of ideas and skills.

Empowered through Decentralization: He helps grow micro-entrepreneurship in order to drive local economic revitalization. Because micro-entrepreneurs uniquely repurpose, re-engage, redefine, reappreciate, and repower their communities while creating new local jobs for everyone involved.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more Artificial, real handcrafters like Yasin are heroes in disguise.

So, join the movement, help create local jobs, and always #KeepItReal.

Because micro-entrepreneurs are real superheroes. Period.

They simply make us stronger.

Meet Yasin and help us build a more Sustainable, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational, and Decentralized future. A future that’s not just one dimensional, but uniquely #5SIDED.

WIN A <<FREE>> THANKSBLOCK (US ONLY): Guess how Yasin is hacking handcrafts to //make.$$ — Most *creative* answer wins + Post your best guess as an “Instagram comment” ++ Winners selected weekly.




Re:appreciating creativity + Micro-Entrepreneurship 2.0

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The People

Micro-entrepreneurs are heroes in disguise ++ Powered by the #THANKSBLOCK CHAIN // Everyday micro-entrepreneurship helps us Fight For a Better Future (#FFBF) >>

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