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TGIF: Saving Hacks for A Solo Friday Treat

Spend less, treat your taste buds to amazing delicacies

Research has shown that spending quality and memorable experiences alone boost overall happiness and mental health.

Having a fun solo date after a stressful week is a great way to refresh, unwind and find pleasure in the little comforts that life offers.

Goodness is, you don’t need to empty your purse to create these experiences.

We curated a list of happy meals for your “me time” and how to save while at it.

Go for Spicy and Grilled Catfish

For catfish lovers, a tray of grilled, sweet and spicy catfish is nothing but a rainbow of flavours. This is a good option whether you want to spend your solo time indoors or outside the confines of your home.

To enjoy this treat on a reasonable budget, Order from Southern Delicacies on the ThankUCash app to get up to 3% discount, and 3% instant cashback.⁣

Munch A Pack of Pepper Roni Small Chops

If variety is the spice then a pack of delicious finger foods can set you in the right mood.

Treat yourself to delightful small chops from Pepper Roni Small Chops for your solo dates.

Enjoy 2% instant cash rewards and juicy discounts when you buy on the ThankUCash app.⁣⁣

Extra-Stuffed Shawarma Wraps

Devour extra-large shawarma wraps while spending quality time with yourself.

Choose what you would love to have in your Shawarma wraps and have it delivered to you when you order from Shawarma Spot.

It’s served with discounts and free cash on the ThankUCash app.⁣⁣

Enjoy Healthy Parfaits And Smoothies

Do you have a soft spot for frozen and fruity yoghurt recipes?

Then a glass of healthy parfait from Fruitsome Shop can add special sparks to your “me time”.

Snacking on delicious smoothies can also work magic on your overall mood.

To earn free cash and save money on these treats, get your parfait or smoothies from Fruitsome Shop on the ThankUCash app.

Enjoy Your Suya Tucked in Tasty Wraps

⁣Take a break from the norm, enjoy scrumptious wraps of Suya fillings from Koffee Hut.

They also come with 5% cashback on the ThankUCash app. Koffee Hut’s spicy suya wraps are perfect for a solo hangout.


Note that your solo date duration is entirely up to you. It could last for just a few minutes, or span through an entire day.

Choose whatever works for you. Remember to download the ThankUCash app on Google Play or Apple Store, and enjoy massive discounts and cash rewards on every purchase.

Have a gratifying “me time” experience!



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