End the year with Video: Plan for a strong end of the fiscal year with ThankView!

The end of the fiscal year creeps up right on cue — but don’t panic! ThankView is here to help. This time of year is a great opportunity to boost participation rates before the end of your annual giving campaign, move major donors to commit to larger gifts, and engage audiences that are expiring before it is too late.

As you’re getting ready to end the fiscal year strong, keep the following in mind:


  • Make sure your data is current. Examine the performance of your current fiscal year appeals to date and see if there’s a connecting message or approach that has worked really well. Could this be an excuse to revive this message before the fiscal year is out?
  • You absolutely want to focus on LYBUNTs, but also keep an eye on your first-year SYBUNTs. They’re newly lapsed and just as crucial to bringing back into the donor pool before they go another year without giving.


  • Take advantage of special audiences, such as spring sports or senior parents, who will be the most captivated during the spring. This is a great way to tout any winning accolades to your former student-athletes, too!
  • Support causes that are widespread and inspire a community to act. Your scholarship support, emergency student assistance funds, and mentorship or career preparedness programs are definitely worth a highlight.

ThankView is Here to Help!

  • Use video request to share videos of your donors who have already given, with the join me message.
  • Solicitation is made easy and if you need to cull your lists, omit those with a lower ThankView score!
  • If you have an event coming up think of how ThankView can help boost RSVPs + aid with the post-event ask, too!

Want to learn more and see examples of how video can help your end of fiscal year program? Check out our latest ThankView How-To on the topic, below!

How are you using ThankView in your end of fiscal efforts? Our partner community is buzzing with ideas (a perk of being a ThankView client!) but feel free to sound off in the comments, below.

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