ThankView Recording 101

The questions we get here most often at ThankView is, “How do I record my video?” “How do I make them look professional and polished?” “How can I make the recording process easy and efficient for our recorders?”

Never fear! ThankView makes it super easy to record videos or upload them depending on the needs of your campaign.


You can record ThankViews on any device with a camera. Whether it be your computer or phone.

If filming on a phone, make sure to turn the phone horizontally so you fill as much of the frame as possible. This helps eliminate the black bars that can appear on the sides of vertical mobile phone videos.

Make sure to keep the shot pretty tight, by keeping the phone or computer close to you. Most computer and phone microphones are not might to pick up audio from across the room.


The backdrop is usually not the focus of your video, but choosing the right place to record can greatly increase the quality of your video. Here are just a few tips when picking a spot to record:

  • Choose a location that provides balanced lighting. Webcam/phone cameras tend to get very grainy in low light. We often suggest shooting outside or in offices with ample amounts of natural light.
  • Similarly, choose a location that is not backlit. You camera will focus on whatever’s the strongest light source around you, leaving you — the focus of the video — in the shadows.
  • Avoid echo chambers. Often times sparse offices or conference rooms with glass walls can create a ton of echo. If you’re recording directly into the platform via your computer or phones webcam we suggest choosing a space with good acoustics.
  • Avoid blustery locations. A camera phone’s mic can often make a gentle ocean breeze sound like typhoon which will overpower your recorders message.
  • Choose a flattering angle for your recorder. At ThankView, we all have laptop risers so our recordings are at eye level rather than from below which everyone can agree is not usually a person’s best angle.
  • Choose a location or setting that creates a sense of nostalgia. This could mean shooting in front of an iconic building, in the dining halls or even during an activity your recipients will recall fondly. Please click here to see a great example from Miami University who shot thank you videos while freshman students were moving into their new dorms.


The content of your video is ultimately up to you! It can be funny, sweet, informative, or whatever tone you need for your campaign.

Here are some suggestions for content in your video:

  • We advise always starting with gratitude, whether you’re thanking, inviting, updating or soliciting your recipient.
  • If you’re soliciting or your ThankView involves an ask we recommend keeping the video between 30 seconds and a minute (though there are exceptions like this great example from Pepperdine- click here to watch).
  • We advise having the actual ask within the first 15 seconds before expanding on the impact it will make.
  • If you would like your recipient to click on the CTA button below the video, we recommend mentioning the button itself and even better, pointing to the button below.

So that answers the where and the how, but don’t forget the why! Remember to keep gratitude the focus of your video, that will make your message more moving and meaningful!

See our Recording best practices in Action in the ThankView Tips & Tricks Video