Top 3 Valentine’s Day ThankView Campaigns

It’s that time of year again! Time to send some love to your donors on Valentine’s Day. Here are our Top 3 favorite videos from Valentine’s Day 2018.

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Love a good pun? So does the USAO President! Check out this amazing video featuring the USAO president wishing donors and alumni a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s so delightfully different, it brought a smile to our faces!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City

This video really pulls at the ‘ol heartstrings. The message is straight from a Big Sister, Little Sister duo thanking those that help support BBBSKC.

University of California San Diego

Get your students involved in the video! UCSD did just that and created a charming collage of students sending love to the donors that make their college experience possible.

How to follow their lead:

These videos have three things in common:

  • The video itself is short (30 seconds to 1 minute is the ideal time range for videos).
  • The video features the people directly impacted by donations.
  • The video shows instead of tells!

Think outside the box! What’s the most creative way you can show your donors the information you want to communicate?

We can’t wait to witness the amazing outpouring of sweet, sweet love in your 2019 Valentine’s Day ThankViews!