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Thankyou Payroll’s client #3: Kapai Director (and Mayor) Justin Lester

It was a treat hearing from the founder and Director of Kapai New Zealand, who also happens to be the Mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester, at our equity crowdfunding launch party. Kapai was one of Thankyou Payroll’s earliest clients, and it’s been great having them along for the journey. Check out what he said about us below.

“It’s great to be here [at Thankyou Payroll’s equity crowdfund launch party], not as the Mayor of Wellington, but as a client of Thankyou Payroll. So I think Lani was number one [client of Thankyou Payroll], we were number three. My business partner, Sam, knew Hugh from Dunedin days, and put us onto this new and innovative provider — Thankyou Payroll.

We thought, oh look we’re young, we’re fresh, we’re…gullible…we’ll take a chance! And we went from our existing provider, who was then MYOB back in the day, the pre Xero, and moved across to Thankyou Payroll.

It was fantastic. You know, we had great customer service, because we were client number three. If we ever did have any issues — things wouldn’t work, malfunctions, or whatever — we’d just jump on the end of the phone, we’d have a chat to Hugh, and get sorted out pretty quick smart.

To experience the type of growth you guys have experienced over the last few years is just absolutely sensational, I mean 4,300 clients, you’ve done tremendously well.

I know there’s great change afoot, it’s great to see you embrace that change, and I wish you the best.

I’m seriously looking at investing myself, I’ll have a bit of a closer look, make sure everything stacks up — I’m sure it will, check with the wife — very important too — but I’m keen to invest as well.

I want to make sure you grow as a company, take on some of those bigger players out there. But also with that philanthropic bent — no one else is doing that. So it’s great that you can offer a service, and I’ve recommended you to many charities, trusts, and businesses as well, and I know they appreciate the service. So thank you, well done.”

You can also watch Mayor Justin Lester’s speech below:

Since our launch, Justin and 67 other fine humans have pledged to our campaign. To find out more about Thankyou Payroll’s equity crowdfund campaign, check out our PledgeMe campaign page here.



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