Dumb Things with Dad

I’m often referred to as a kid trapped in a man’s body. At first I used to hate that comment and wanted to crawl back into my treehouse and cry about it. But awhile back, I decided to take it and use it to my advantage.

Now, regardless than I’m 40 years old, I’m intentional at trying to make the best of every moment, despite my age and despite what others say about me. I used to let that control me. Their words would literally cripple me. In a sense I was their puppet and they had no idea they were the Puppet Master.

I live for me. And no it’s not a ‘I’m not all about MY universe’ kind of thinking, but more of a, ‘What’s healthy for me and my mental state’ kind of attitude.

This has given me nothing but endless freedom.

Freedom to be. Freedom to find my voice. Freedom to live.

And new way of thinking has given me permission to live!!!

Here’s an example of what it’s done for me: