I Did Not Win the Election

Regarding The Polls and The Votes and Results and Other News

It Me

After last week, many people have approached me with curious faces and strange glances. They wonder how it happened that I lost the election. To be honest with you, I’m not sure how this happened. I thought that I made the consequences of the actions of others fairly clear.

See? I tried to tell you

I even tried to give incentives to those out there that might want to show their support, or those that might be undecided, or on the fence about choosing me, Quags.

I gave numerous reminders about making sure to vote, I even used hashtags on Twitter to try and start a movement.

# # #

If someone wasn’t sure about what to consider when choosing who they wanted to elect, I tried to encourage them and guide their thought process.

I reached out to my supporters in order to encourage them and continue to grow my base. All I wanted was to grow my base! And now, I’m wondering what happened, why didn’t my base grow?


Again, I reminded voters of the options they had.

This seems clear to me.

And even made sure they knew they’d feel accomplished after they’d voted for me.

Well, did you?? I GUESS NOT!

As the time drew near, but not that near, I made sure to remind people that voting is a lot like candy, to try and sweeten the process.

I also wanted people to know that I had a phone. This was unrelated to the election.

And again, AGAIN, reminded them that I was me and not the other candidates, and that the other candidates simply were not me, and that if they voted for someone else it wouldn’t be for me, but for someone else, and that just wasn’t something I wanted them to do!!



And then, it started to become clear. Some out there had problems with things that had happened.

I tried to influence them, and to remind them that I was good, a fun guy, someone they might want to spend time with.

Even my supporters tried to show them that I could help the people, that I could be their guy.

But alas, it seemed all that most did was mock me and torment me.

And although it made me angry, I tried to turn it around. I tried to be blissful and accept praise even if it gave me pause.

And soon, the time approached.

And I even got a little bit desperate.

As the time came near, I was thankful to have the support of the youths, who always made sure to show me graciousness.

But it couldn’t stop the tide. The tide comes and goes, with the moon, even with the Super Moon, and the people spoke.

All I could do was watch what was happening. All I could do was reflect on the reality of the situation and try to keep my hope alive, and my head up, and my heart full of love for my supporters. Although, I admit, it was hard.

And at the end of the day, I guess, what are you going to do. I hope the one who did win will do a good job.

Best wishes

That Good You Need recognizes this is a trying time for many. We also recognize the need for non-sensical humor, and hope our readers do too.

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