TGYN Philly Bar Bracket: A Reflection

In an NCAA-style Tournament, Which Bar Won, and Why?

This is our reflection. You can find an intro, including our rules and thought process behind the tournament, here. You can find the Round of 64 here, the Round of 32 here, the Sweet 16 here, the Elite 8 here, the Final Four here, and the Championship here.

Cavanaugh’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, a fine place with solid food and good drink specials but not a particularly unique establishment, defeated Frankford Hall, most certainly one of Philadelphia’s most well-known establishments, in the championship round of TGYN’s Philly Bar Bracket.

The bracket, conceived initially by friend and contributor John Petrongolo, who was a great partner throughout the process, was a fun exercise for us. How do you compare two bars that are nothing alike, places that have totally different missions, clientele, selections, and locations? Is it even right to do so?

While we did want to steer the ship in the beginning, we decided to eventually just let the masses decide. We didn’t have an enormous number of votes but we did get a solid sample size, certainly enough to justify using it as the basis of the tournament’s results.

From the earliest rounds of voting it was clear there was a crowd favorite. As we worked through the process, though, Cav’s itself picked up our Twitter polls and likely garnered some support for themselves that way. No other bar did this, and in an effort to be sort of organic we made no effort to reach out, and Cav’s certainly benefitted from that. Still, as I explained in the final write-up, even my friends who held Cav’s in high regard because of its close connection to our college years were conflicted in the final round. After all, Frankford Hall is a powerhouse, and we had also spent plenty of time there as a group. Good memories abounded but in the end, Cav’s held its own. Congratulations to the champ.

We’re happy to have provided some light entertainment during a month where there are more than enough brackets of all different kinds of stuff. We’ve got 11 months to start working on the Round of 64 for whatever we might break down next year, send us your suggestions!