That Good You Need Part III

June 23rd, 2016

From the acclaimed motion picture Kung Pow:

“I remember a long time ago, when a friend told me there would be a chosen one.” — Master Tang

[flashback to a younger Tang talking to Master Doe]

“There will be a chosen one.”- Master Doe

A quick aside, this week I had the opportunity to check out a one-woman show down at the Fringe Arts building in Philadelphia. The show, Spinning Immigrant, only ran for one weekend and thus I cannot recommend it to you unless (as these pieces often do) it comes back around.

That said, I would be remiss not to mention it. The star, Emmanuelle Delpech, takes interviews she collected from all different kinds of people who have immigrated to the United States and responds to their comments physically and verbally. This is all punctuated by her own experience as a French woman who moved here 20 some years ago, never intended to stay, and ended up becoming a citizen. The show was funny, serious, depressing, and above all deeply personal. If you’ve never been to a Fringe Arts show and you’re in the Philadelphia area, I’d recommend you check it out. If this show runs again, I’d put a priority on this one specifically.

If you’re thinking “Wow, that all sounds wonderful, but I have no desire to leave my couch because it’s 112 degrees outside”, have no fear. The following is for you.

The Ringer Tech Podcast Talks Transportation


Self-driving cars, ride-sharing and its origins, and how all of this affects our lives are discussed at length with this edition of The Ringer Tech Podcast. Molly McHugh leads us through this multi-segmented, really well done piece about when exactly we can expect to be able to sleep while we drive.

Why You Should Never Vote

Enlightenment Awaits

Jon Bois is the truth. This is the kind of thing that more people should know about. Wake up sheeple!!!!

Swiped: Is Snapchat stealing filters from makeup artists?

Courtesy of The Ringer

We’re doubling up on Molly McHugh this week, but this is worth it. With such a huge amount of new creative out there some of it is bound to be stolen, and it seems that Snapchat was participating in the thievery. Some of the filters that change on a day-to-day basis were being jacked from make-up artists, designs for stickers were being lifted, and no one was getting any credit. While it appears (as is noted at the top of the article) that the problem is being solved, it’s still something to look out for. That being said, I got the blue apple above from a random thread about growing blue apples (????) so if you made the blue apple plz HMU.

Digiday Live with Amrita Sahasrabudhe


PUPPIES! Amrita Sahasrabudhe works with Integrated Digital & Social Strategy at PetSmart, something that doesn’t seem very difficult to do. Getting people to look at CUTE ANIMALS on the INTERNET? BUT HOW??

It’s more complicated than you think, particularly when it comes to standing out and converting views into action, and here she speaks with Digiday about her job and how she makes it happen. Also…puppies.

Drexel Commencement Video

Shout out to my people

I can’t front, as a member of the Drexel community I was really proud to have been a part of the first University-wide commencement in 20+ years. Your boy was getting emotional watching the kids cross the stage at Citizen’s Bank Park. This is just a little highlight video that captures the triumphant spirit of the day. WE OUT HERE!

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